Gridbox 2.10.9. Column Order On Mobile Devices And Sticky Column

Column Order on Mobile Devices

In today's update, you will find some amazing improvements that will make building websites with Joomla Website Builder Gridbox even more flexible. Introducing Gridbox 2.10.9 with two useful new features - Sticky Column and Column Order. Let's take a closer look at each of the feature!

Gridbox 2.10.9. Column Order On Mobile Devices And Sticky Column

Column Order On Mobile Devices

"Can I change column order on mobile?" this question was frequently asked on our support forum. Yes, you can! Column Order is an awesome feature that allows you to easily line up your content on mobile devices. Let's imagine the following situation: there is a product page with three columns with plugins Categories, Product Gallery and Add to Cart.

Column Order on Desktop - Joomla Website Builder Gridbox

This product page looks great on desktop, but not on mobile. The first thing a visitor sees is Categories, not a product, and this can negatively affect conversions.

Column Order On Mobile Devices In Joomla Website Builder Gridbox

But with Gridbox 2.10.9 this is not a problem because now you have a quick solution for reordering columns on mobile devices.

Adjust Column Order On Mobile Devices

To reorder columns on mobile devices, follow these simple steps:

In the Mobile Editor select Device ➝ Column Settings ➝ Layout ➝ in Column Order set a sequence number regarding other columns in the Gridbox row.

That's all! Column Order will become an indispensable tool for adapting a site for viewing on mobile devices.

Sticky Column Option

Almost half a year ago we have introduced a step-by-step tutorial on how to create a sticky column in Gridbox. The Sticky column is a really awesome effect that makes content visible while the visitor is scrolling down the page. Very often this effect is used for sidebars on blogs or eCommerce sites. So we decided to add the Sticky Column feature to the default Gridbox functionality.

Enable Sticky Column In Gridbox

No more custom code. Just go to Column Settings and set checkbox the “Sticky”. To set the indent between the top of the screen and the sticky element use the “Offset” option. There we go, it's as easy as shooting fish in a barrel!


The Gridbox is getting more powerful with each new update and creating websites is even easier. Use Sticky Column and Column Order to make your sites even better. Improve your Joomla sites together with Gridbox improvements. There is always room for improvement!


2.10.9 — 24.02.2021

  • Sticky Column option
  • Column Order on mobile devices
  • Issues with Shipping methods in Gridbox Store App

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