Gridbox 2.0.4 Bug Fixes and New Plugin Star Ratings. Get Star Ratings in Google Search Results

Star Ratings Plugin Released

Today we are happy to present you a new update for Joomla website builder Gridbox. Gridbox 2.0.4 includes bug fixes and a new Star Ratings plugin.

    Gridbox 2.0.4 Bug Fixes and New Plugin Star Ratings. Get Star Ratings in Google Search Results

    Before we begin, we want to say that fixing bugs in the Gridbox component is now at the highest priority.

    The Gridbox includes hundreds of different options and thousands of different combinations. This means that perhaps some bugs you will never see, because they occur, with complex combinations of section, column and plugin.

    The policy of our company is very simple - Quality is more Important than Quantity! We can add an infinite number of options. But we do not aspire to the number of options, we are striving for the quality of options. Each existing option should work on 100%.

    And at this stage of development of Joomla Page Builder Gridbox, we strive to bring the existing functionality to the ideal.

    No, this does not mean that we are not working on new features, of course we are working. But as it was said above, in the priority to provide the highest quality product.

      Stars in Google Search Results

      Star Ratings is a small plug-in for Gridbox. Plugin Star Ratings allow users to rate anything on your Joomla website. The Star Ratings plugin has a small number of options, but they are enough to display a beautiful rating that will allow your users to leave a rating for your services.

      In the video below you can see the basic settings of the plugin.

        The most important and interesting feature of the plugin is that the rating will be displayed in Google Search Results and other search engines.

          Star Ratings in Google Search Results - Joomla website builder Gridbox

          This is a very simple, but incredibly useful thing. In the Google search results, your pages will stand out among the competitors and will be more clickable.

          Please note, in order for the rating to be displayed in the search results, you need to enter Rich Snippets Data.

            Star Ratings Popup in Joomla Website Builder Gridbox

            Do not forget that you can combine plugins with each other. For example, you can add Star Ratings plugin inside the Lightbox plugin. In the lightbox settings, set to show when the page is scrolled by 80 - 100%. Accordingly, when a user acquainted with your product, service, article in a pop-up window, he will be asked to vote.


              2.0.4 — 13.07.2017

              • New plugin - Star Ratings
              • Compatibility with 3rd party extensions
              • Background properties for Section, Row and Column in the Mobile Editor
              • CSS issues with standard Joomla blog layout
              • Issues with mobile menu overlapping
              • CSS and JavaScript conflicts

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