Gridbox 1.2.7 Joomla! Search Integration and New Typography Option

Search and Typography Options

Today we have prepared a great news for you. We have updated Joomla website builder Gridbox to version 1.2.7, where we have fixed bugs, added new option for typography, but the most important that now you have a possibility to use Joomla search! Gridbox pages are displayed in result of search. Let's talk more detailed about what you will meet in the version 1.2.7.

    Gridbox 1.2.7 Joomla! Search Integration and New Typography Option

    Joomla Search Integration

    As many of us know that CMS Joomla! includes components such as Search and Smart Search. You can accomplish the search function on the site by using these components. Gridbox 1.2.7 includes 2 new plugins Smart Search and Search. These plugins allow displaying Gridbox pages in the search results.

      Smart Search Plugin - Joomla website builder Gridbox

      We want to notice that this is Joomla plugins, don't confuse them with Gridbox plugins. Otherwise speaking, now you can easily add a Joomla Search module to your site and give a possibility to website visitors to realize the search.

        Letter Spacing for Typography

        Letter Spacing is a very simple but imperative option for modern web design.

          Set Up Letter Spacing for Typography - Joomla Website Builder Gridbox

          Now you have a possibility to set for your fonts the Letter Spacing. We have installed the Letter Spacing without applying for extremities, we have set up the most frequently used values from -10px to 20px. This is the most optimal value which will allow you to create sites with beautiful and modern typography.

          The Letter Spacing option was added to all Typography options, starting with the font settings for the menu and finishing by the plugins.

          That's it for today. We are sure that you will appreciate the possibility to add the search to your website. For many sites, the search option is an integral part because it simplifies website users' lives.


            1.2.7 — 01.11.2016

            • Search and Smart search plugins
            • Letter Spacing for Typography
            • Set up language for Gridbox pages
            • Header submenu overlay
            • Issue with HTML content in the plugin Google Maps
            • Style for Menu type "Separator"
            • JS conflict with Balbooa Joomla Gallery extension

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