Dauphin. Noble Gridbox Theme For Boutique Hotel Website

Dauphin. Theme for Boutique Hotel

Ladies and gentlemen, meet the stately and noble theme for Joomla website builder Gridbox - Dauphin! Joomla theme Dauphin is perfectly suitable if you want to create a beautiful site for a luxury hotel. Dauphin has everything you need to run a high performance and well-designed boutique hotel website. Scroll further down and see for yourself!

Dauphin. Noble Gridbox Theme For Boutique Hotel Website

Noble Theme For Boutique Hotel Website

The Home page is the hallmark of your boutique hotel. Therefore, traditionally, on the Home page presents the basic elements and key information from the entire site.

Home page - Theme For Boutique Hotel Website

Hotel Rooms App as Part of Completed Site

Gridbox Hotel Rooms App has become a key way to create a theme for boutique hotel websites to demonstrate the flexibility of the app. Let's take a closer look at how with simple mouse movements you can quickly change the pre-installed layout of Hotel Rooms App.

Category List Layout

The Rooms page is a Category list layout of Gridbox Hotel Rooms App. The page "Rooms" presents all available rooms that can be easily filtered using the Gridbox Content Filters Plugin. Also especially for preview, under the intro image of each room placed basic characteristics.

Hotel Rooms - Theme For Boutique Hotel Website

Single Post Layout

Single post layout provides full information about the room and its amenities. Photos of the room are presented as the attractive and popular plugin “Field Slideshow”. Also, at the end of the Single post layout put plugin “Recent Posts” so that site visitors have the opportunity to quickly switch and view other rooms.

Double Twin Room - Theme For Boutique Hotel Website


Like any boutique hotel, the Gridbox theme Dauphin has a “Restaurant” page. The page presents special offers for hotel guests and restaurant benefits using the Gridbox plugin "Icon List".

Restaurant Page - Theme For Boutique Hotel Website

About Page. Tell Story Of Your Hotel

On the “About” page, you can talk about the hotel foundation and start of construction. This will be perfect for the hotel with history. Also here you can introduce hotel guests to awards and accolades.

About Page - Theme For Boutique Hotel Website

Share News and Stories With Hotel Guests

The page "News" uses the Gridbox Blog App. On this page, you can tell about events from the life of the hotel. Category list of theme Dauphin has a clear layout with useful and flexible Gridbox plugins that provide a fast and comfy blog post navigation: Search, Categories, Recent Posts, Tags.

Our News Page - Theme For Boutique Hotel Website

In the Single post layout added Comments App for customer feedback. With Gridbox Comments App site visitors will be able to leave comments and share impressions. And Social Share allows customers to easily and quickly share information from your blog posts on social networks.

Blog Single Post - Theme For Boutique Hotel Website


The “Contacts” page contains all the necessary contact information for feedback: telephone number, email, location address of the boutique hotel. With FAQ, site visitors will be able to find answers to questions yourself. If customers still have questions they will be able to send a message using the Contact Form.

Contacts Page - Theme For Boutique Hotel Website

So, do you want your site to make a statement about a beautiful hotel? Gridbox theme Dauphin is an excellent way to showcase your boutique hotel. The Dauphin theme has everything to turn your website visitors into hotel guests: clear design, elegant style, harmonious typography, detailed contact information, user-friendly interface. All these touches will highlight your site among other boutique hotel sites.

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