Customer Accounts Released In Gridbox eCommerce

Customer Accounts Released

This week we're glad to present the most requested feature that you have been waiting for. Ladies and gentlemen, meet the Customer Account for Website Builder Gridbox, a feature that will allow visitors to create and manage personal data and orders in your Joomla eCommerce site.

Customer Accounts Released In Gridbox eCommerce

The Gridbox Customer Account empowers visitors to have their own user account that allows them to view orders, print invoices, add products to a wishlist, and edit account details. So let's take a look at what a user account of the Gridbox Store App consists of and how it works.

My Orders. Order History & Status Tracking

In “My Orders” customers can manage their orders and view order information: order date, number, total, and track order status.

My Orders in Gridbox Customer Account - Joomla eCommerce

The user can view more detailed information about the order in the modal window which can be opened by a simple click.

Also, in the order details, the user can print and download the invoice.

My Wishlist. Saving Products for Later

Yes, the Gridbox already has the “Wishlist”. But in today's update, we are introducing a Wishlist that is assigned directly to the user's account. That means with the User Account, your customers have a great opportunity to view and manage products in their wishlist on any other device.

Wishlist in Gridbox Customer Account - Joomla eCommerce

Also, now you can set that a Wishlist will be available only for authorized users. This option can be found in the General Settings of the Store App. Just switch the toggle button!

My Address Book. Managing Contact Info

In the “My Address Book” site visitors fill in their contact information. Fields interconnected with the plugin “Customer Info” from the Checkout page. All completed information automatically added to the Checkout page when a customer places an order. This will greatly save the customer's time and an effortless way to come back and buy again.

My Address Book in Gridbox Customer Account - Joomla eCommerce

My Profile. Managing Account Settings

Here store visitors can manage their basic account settings: name, password, and email address.

Basic Account Settings in Gridbox Customer Account - Joomla eCommerce

Customer Accounts or Guest Checkout

Give your customers the choice between signing into an account or guest checkout. Create a positive user experience that fosters customer loyalty.

Customer account vs guest checkout, or maybe both together at the same time? Determine which variant is suitable for your eCommerce site and set this option in the General Settings of your store.

By enabling "Customer Login" you will have access to the option "User Registration Form", which is displayed in the login form. Also in the User Registration Form, you can display the Terms and Conditions checkbox. Enter text and add a link to the page with terms in the field “Terms and Conditions Text”.

All login forms and Customer Account in Gridbox Store App inherit all styles from the Checkout page. This feature unifies the design of your online store and makes it complete. By the way, we have prepared a short step-by-step tutorial on how to display Customer Account in Gridbox Store App.


Customer Accounts was the most requested feature for Gridbox Store App, that you wrote in the comments under the previous blog posts. We hear you! Today we have implemented customer accounts. Now you can make the purchasing process as convenient as possible with the Gridbox Store App. Enable Customer Account and provide a seamless and top-notch shopping experience through a user profile that will encourage more repeat purchases. Enjoy!

Gridbox is growing up right before your eyes. We will continue to work on making your ideas and suggestions come true. The next most requested feature “Selling Digital Products” is already in active development. So be patient and see you soon!


2.10.3 — 10.11.2020

  • Customer Accounts In Gridbox eCommerce
  • Ability to add Joomla content plugins into Gridbox pages using Joomla custom HTML modules
  • Issue with displaying Extra Options in Store Email Notification
  • Issue with displaying data of the field "Country" in Email Notification
  • CSS issues with displaying custom fields problem in blog plugins
  • Issue with displaying "Recent Reviews" from selected categories
  • Issue with displaying font "Montserrat" on IOS 14.0.2
  • Displaying a description of the "Manual Payment"
  • Decrease in the number of products In Stock
  • Issue with duplicates in the Gridbox Sitemap
  • Issue with disabled option Trailing Slash
  • Issue with author profile page alias
  • Viewing Orders in the admin panel
  • Issues with Content Filters plugin
  • Presets for the plugin “Image“
  • Empty prices in the invoice
  • Permission option “Create”

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