Create Multiple Accordions with Gridbox

Accordion - Plugin for Joomla Page Builder Gridbox

Less than a week ago, we released our latest plugin Tabs, and today we want to present you the new plugin for Joomla Page Builder Gridbox – Accordion. Hey Ho, Let's Go!


This plugin is no longer available. Try Joomla Website Builder Gridbox! That's All-In-One solution for creating awesome Joomla sites.

Generally speaking, accordion is very similar to the plugin tabs. Accordion like the tabs, allows you to place a large amount of content in a small area of the site. But of course, foremost, accordion structure the page content and make it more readable and easy for perception.

Accordion is a very popular and useful tool for website, 90% of websites, include accordions on F.A.Q. pages.

Accordion Control

We are striving to standardization and single UI of all our Gridbox plugins. The advantage of this approach is that if you have used one of Gridbox plugins, you can easily to start working with a new one. Accordion plugin is not exception.

Creating, editing and deleting of accordions is identical to the plugin tabs. To add a new section of the accordion, you need to click on the icon "Add", then in the modal window you will need to enter the Title of section and add directly the content.

Add new Accordion - Gridbox Plugin Accordion

You can try to create and discover accordion options here: Gridbox Demo Admin.

We want to tell you about a very interesting feature of the plugin. Imagine that you want to make a second section of the accordion opened by default, how to do it ?! It's very simple! Open the second part of the accordion, directly in the Gridbox editor, and click save. And you will see, that after the page reloading, second section of accordion will be opened.

This feature also works in a Gridbox plugin Tabs. As always, it's so simple and intuitive - Gridbox makes it easy! The philosophy of our team consists in a such simple things. We are striving to make everything so simple as it possible.

All available options of Gridbox Plugin Accordion you can find here: Accordion Plugin - Gridbox Documentation.

Design Options

Accordion plugin include a wide range of options that allows you to set the appearance of the accordion to fit your website design.

Gridbox Plugin Accordion - Design Options

With accordion design options you can get acquainted here: Gridbox plugin Accordion.

Update Gridbox!

Update your current Gridbox version! please follow this tutorial: How to update Gridbox Joomla Page Builder


Accordions plugin is very simple, easy to use and has enough of options that allows you to structure your content more effective. Accordions plugin will be incredibly helpful to your projects.

Darth Vader and accordion

Currently, we are working with a new Gridbox plugins, and soon they will be available.

Have you seen our new Showcase for Gridbox?! here is a link: Gridbox - Revolutionary Page Builder Extension for Joomla CMS.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

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