Create A Custom 404 Page With Joomla Website Builder Gridbox

Create A Custom 404 Page  With Joomla Website Builder Gridbox

We can't wait to introduce you a new awesome feature. Ladies and Gentlemen, meet the Custom 404 Page Editor! Yes, with Joomla Website Builder Gridbox 2.4.8 you can create a custom 404 page without a line of code. Creating a 404 Page has never been so easy as it possible with Gridbox.

404 page is one of the most popular errors on the Internet. Also known as the "Page Not Found" page, this is the place where your users land when they try to access a URL that does not exist.

By creating a custom 404 page, you can take advantage of that will benefit your business. For example: emphasize your branding, create an interesting and attractive design that will lead to trust and can even turn a lost visitor into a regular customer.

Creating A Custom 404 Page

To start editing default 404 page and create your own, visit Gridbox admin panel, in the left sidebar you'll see a new icon "System Pages", click on it.

System Pages - Joomla Website Builder Gridbox

On the page that opens, click on the “404 Error Page”, amazing things are happening here!

404 Error Page Editor - Joomla Website Builder Gridbox

404 Error Page comes with all Gridbox’s standard page features. So, you can use all the power and flexibility of the Gridbox. Create new sections, rows, columns, video backgrounds, gradients, parallax, library, page blocks, plugins, everything is available for you! At your disposal is incredibly flexible and intuitive 404 Error Page Editor.

Creating a custom 404 page in Gridbox

To inspire you and show the possibilities of the 404 page editor, we want to show some examples of the 404 pages which we created with Gridbox!

404 Page - Joomla Website Builder Gridbox 404 Page - Joomla Website Builder Gridbox 404 Page - Joomla Website Builder Gridbox 404 Page - Joomla Website Builder Gridbox

404 Error Page Settings

In addition to a huge set of design tools, 404 Page comes with a basic settings which allows to rename page, select theme and enable or disable header and footer on 404 Error Page.

404 Page Settings - Joomla Website Builder Gridbox

To open 404 Error page basic settings, right click on the page, from the context menu select “Settings”.


Clicking on a broken link is a pain, but an ingenious and well-designed custom 404 page can sweeten the pill. Therefore, use the Gridbox Page Editor and transform a possible negative event into a positive one. Create your own custom 404 page, like any other Gridbox page. Time to forget about boring 404 page and build a truly awesome well designed 404 error page.

On the website, all should be perfect and the custom 404 page is no exception. Designing 404 page is an art!

We continue to work on new features for Joomla Website Builder Gridbox. If you have any questions or want to share your opinion, do not hesitate to write in the comment form below, Let's Rock!

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v.2.4.8 - 5/07/2018

  • Added: 404 Error Page Editor;
  • Fixed: Issue with the deleting tags.