Create a Beautiful Coming Soon Page in Joomla with Gridbox

Coming Soon Page Editor

It’s time to build beautiful Coming Soon Pages for your Joomla websites! Joomla website builder Gridbox 2.5.4 comes with a fully featured Coming Soon Page Editor. It has never been so easy to create Coming Soon Pages in Joomla as it possible with Gridbox. Also, Gridbox 2.5.4 includes brand new Font Picker, ability to add the embed code to buttons and we have fixed all known bugs.

Create a Beautiful Coming Soon Page in Joomla with Gridbox

Coming Soon Page

Your website is under construction and should be coming soon? Use "Coming Soon" page for your project!

Coming Soon Page is a great marketing tool which can help you to start promoting your business, even if the website is not ready yet. Just take a look on main benefits of using coming soon pages:

  • Build "Hype" before your business launches
  • Get more email list subscribers
  • Promote your social media feeds.

On the Internet you can find more detailed information about benefits of "Coming Soon" pages and how to create an effective "Coming Soon" page.

Editing Coming Soon Page

Coming Soon Page editor comes with all Gridbox standard page features. 

Coming Soon Page Editor you can find in the Gridbox System Pages, next to the 404 Error Page Editor.

Gridbox System Pages - Joomla website builder Gridbox

As you can see, Gridbox Coming Soon page does not include the standard Joomla login form. We have explored designs of "Coming Soon" and "Under Construction" pages and came to the conclusion that modern "Coming Soon" pages don’t include login forms.

Gridbox coming soon page editor - Joomla website builder Gridbox

But how to login to the website?! Easily! You need just to login to your Joomla admin panel and after that you’ll be able to visit your website!

To inspire you and show the flexibility of the Gridbox Coming Soon page editor, we want to show you some examples that we created with Gridbox!

Personal Coming Soon Page - Joomla Website Builder Gridbox
Joomla Coming Soon Page - Joomla Website Builder Gridbox
Coming Soon Page Example - Joomla Website Builder Gridbox
Agency Coming Soon Page - Joomla Website Builder Gridbox
Joomla Coming Soon Page Example - Joomla Website Builder Gridbox

Coming Soon Page Settings

Coming Soon Page comes with basic settings, you can change the title and most importantly, for the Coming Soon page you can assign a specific theme.

Important Information! The view "Coming Soon" page on the front of your website:

  • Enable "Site Offline" in Joomla Global Configuration
  • Gridbox template should be selected as a default Joomla template
  • Once you login to the Joomla admin, to view the "Coming Soon" page, open your website in Private Browsing Mode: Ctrl + Shift + n (Win), ⌘ + Shift + n (Mac)

The Brand New Font Picker

After launching Gridbox Typography Inheritance we got messages from our customers that would be great to add font preview to the Font Family and Font Weight dropdowns.

So, ladies and gentlemen, we are happy to present you with a brand new Font Picker. The new Font picker comes with a font preview, which makes the process of selecting Font Family and Font Weight much comfy.

Font Picker - Joomla website builder Gridbox

In the top left corner, you can find an icon that allows you to open Gridbox font library where you can manage your fonts. Enjoy!

Gridbox Font Library - Joomla Website Builder Gridbox

If you just started building Joomla websites with Gridbox we highly recommend you to check the main principles of the Gridbox Typography Inheritance.

Track Button Clicks

Understanding which of your buttons on the page are racking up the most clicks helps you to understand the effectiveness of your page.

Gridbox 2.5.4 allows you to embed the "onclick" tracking code to the buttons. To start tracking clicks you need to add a tracking code snippet to the field "Embed code".

Track Button Clicks - Joomla website builder Gridbox

The Field "Embed code" is available for the next Gridbox plugins: Button, Carousel, Icon, Image, Overlay Section, Slideshow and Slideset.

Modify Plugin Title Tag

For better Joomla SEO, sometimes we need to change Titles HTML tags. In Gridbox 2.5.4 we have added a new option "HTML Tag" which allows you to change the default H3 HTML tag.

Modify Plugin Title Tag - Joomla website builder Gridbox

The option is available for the next Gridbox plugins: Carousel, Image, Overlay Section, Simple Gallery, Slideset, Slideshow, Recent Posts, Post Navigation, Related Posts, Search, Category List Layout.


Do you ever could build "Coming Soon" pages in Joomla so easy as possible with Gridbox?! Before you start remembering don't forget that all Gridbox functionality is available in the Coming Soon Page editor. Enjoy and impress your visitors by building awesome coming soon pages.

Let's make the Internet beautiful and fill it with your amazing Gridbox based sites. Let's rock!


2.5.4 — 20.08.2018

  • Coming Soon Page Editor
  • The Brand New Font Pickers
  • Ability to Embed Code into the buttons
  • Ability to Modify Plugin Title Tag
  • Gradient Overlay for plugins: Category Blog Posts, Search Results, Recent Posts, Related Posts, Post Navigation
  • CSS overrides with 3rd party CSS libraries
  • Issues with Gridbox compression tools
  • Issues with Gridbox Mobile Menu
  • Issue with Column gutter in the plugin "Simple Gallery"

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