Countdown Plugin for Gridbox. Increase Conversions and Profits

Countdown Timer Plugin

Today we want to announce a new update for Joomla website builder Gridbox. Meet the new plugin Countdown. Nowadays, Countdown timers it's a part of any commercial web project. The countdown timer is a powerful marketing tool, which goal is to increase website conversion.

    Countdown Plugin for Joomla Website Builder Gridbox

    Boost conversion of your Joomla website with the Countdown timer plugin. Countdown timer based on the idea of creating urgency and limitation of your product, service, or offer. And it motivates visitors to make an action, leave an email, buy a product, etc.

    If you are building a Joomla website or just a landing page to sell products and services, we recommend you to use Countdown as a marketing tool. You will be surprised! You can find a lot of information on the web, about the effectiveness of countdown timers on the website.

      Joomla Coming Soon Page - Joomla Website Builder Gridbox

      Also, you can use the Countdown timer plugin for the "Under Construction" page. Plugin Countdown has a wide range of options with which you can easily customize the look of the timer to fit your website design. Starting from the font size and ending by background color for numbers, all this you can configure without writing a line of code, it's Gidbox!

        A very interesting feature of the Countdown timer - labels under figures. We decided, would be more convenient if you have the opportunity to change labels. At least it is convenient if you need to translate the label value into your native language.

          Gridbox Countdown Plugin Options - Joomla Page Builder Gridbox


          In conclusion, we want to say, Countdown timer should be used if you want to increase the conversion on your website and we are sure that you want! In the meantime, we continue to work with new Gridbox plugins and options. Stay tuned, because soon will be available new update! 

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