Carousel Plugin for Joomla! Page Builder Gridbox

Carousel Plugin for Joomla! Page Builder Gridbox

Hello everybody! Today we have prepared a new plugin for Joomla Page Builder Gridbox. Ladies and Gentlemen, here comes a Carousel.

So, what is this Carousel plugin?! Broadly speaking, the Carousel plugin is falling into the Slideshow set. The outstanding feature of Carousel plugin is that it instantly displays a number of pictures in a single slide.

Carousel Plugin for Joomla! Page Builder Gridbox

The Slideshow displays only one picture in the slide, Carousel plugin is capable to display up to 12 pictures in a single slide.

Slideset and Carousel in a One Plugin

We thought to make 2 different plugins, Slideset and Carousel. But in process of creating Carousel we came to realize that the options of Slideset and Carousel plugins will be very similar. No point to create 2 similar plugins. We want to create the plugins with quality but not for quantity!

Thus wise, Carousel plugin include "Mode" option, which allows you to choose a method of sliding: Slideset or Slide.

What is the difference between the Slideset and Slide?! Slideset is moving at once all the pictures in single slide. Slider is moving just 1 picture in single slide.

Mmm… a lot of theory, you have just watch our demo and you will understand everything: Carousel - Gridbox Showcase.


In order for great looking of your Carousel, we have added 6 beautiful animations:

  • Fade;
  • Horizontal Fast;
  • Horizontal Offset;
  • Vertical Offset;
  • Zoom In;
  • Zoom Out.

Most interesting thing that the same animation looks differently for Slideset and Slide Mode's.

You can check out all available Carousel plugin animations on our demo site: Carousel Showcase.

Caption Options

Just as in Slideshow plugin you can add Caption (Title, Description and Button) for every picture. Each of mentioned elements you can customize according to design of your website.

Carousel with Caption for Joomla! Page Builder Gridbox

Furthermore, you can choose the place of Caption displaying, On or under the picture.

Another interesting feature of the Caption is that you can choose when to display the Caption, always or only on mouseover.

SSL Support

We are very glad to announce you that Gridbox is supporting SSL. We want to say thanks to our user Alex, who had provided us the website for testing. Thank you Alex!

Google Maps Plugin and API Key

Google Maps service introduced API Key. What does it mean?! For using Google Maps you have to enter the API Key.

We have updated Google Maps plugin and added a possibility to enter Google Maps API Key. More detailed information you can get reading the plugin documentation: Google Maps Plugin - Gridbox Documentation.

We want to notice that last week we had a new update for component Forms, where we have added an ability to enter Google Maps API Key for Google Maps tool. More details about the update for component Forms you can read here: Forms 1.6.1 - Bug Fix Update


  • Added: Carousel Plugin;
  • Added: SSL Support;
  • Added: Google Maps API Key for plugin Google Maps;
  • Fixed: Google Fonts "Character Sets".

Update Gridbox!

Update your current Gridbox version! please follow this tutorial: How to update Gridbox Joomla Page Builder

Clear Cache!

After an update, clear your browser and website cache!

That's enough for today. We are sure that you will appreciate the Carousel plugin. A big number of options will allow you to get a very creative look of your content.

We are as always continuing to work hard. Our list of tasks are unlimited. Very soon we will present for you new plugins and features.

Don't be shy to write us your comments. If you have any ideas or propositions, we will be glad to read them. Peace and Love!

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