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Canonical URLs Released

We want to introduce you the new update of Joomla website builder Gridbox. Gridbox 2.6.8 has arrived with frequently asked option - Canonical URLs. Also, we have improved site settings panel, added the Social Sharing tab to the page settings and have fixed all known bugs!

Before we start talking about fresh added option “Canonical URLs”, will be great to understand the sense of this option, and what's the difference between duplicate content and multiple URLs which points to the same article.

Canonical URLs for Joomla Website Builder Gridbox Released!

Joomla Multiple URLs

As you know, or maybe you don't know, that any Joomla item has multiple URLs. That's means, different URLs point to the same item. The most simple example, just visit any of your menu items settings and you'll see - the original dynamic link and alias.

Does it mean that is duplicate content? No! It’s not duplicate content! There is a big difference between multiple URLs pointing to the same item and duplicate content.

Open Article A, copy all content and paste to Article B, that’s would be a duplicate content - Copy/Paste!

Regarding the Multiple URLs. The Joomla is a Content Management System, and as any other CMS uses Dynamic URLs. Multiple URLs it's absolutely normal for dynamic websites.

The Search engines know the difference between Multiple URLs and Duplicate Content, they are much smarter than we think!

How to Consolidate Multiple URLs?

So, we understand the difference between Multiple URLs and Duplicate content, right? And we understand that in the Webmaster Tools you see alerts regarding Multiple URLs pointing to the same article, okay?!

The solution is adding with rel=”canonical” and URL to the canonical page on non-canonical page.

Tag "Canonical" showing to search engines the correct link of the item. By adding a tag canonical you can be sure or almost sure that the correct page will be indexed and displayed in search results.

Gridbox Canonical URLs

Since the Gridbox is using Joomla Routing System, any Gridbox page also can be visited from multiple URLs.

For Gridbox users, we provide a first-class solution. In Gridbox 2.6.8, we have added a new option “Canonical URLs”. Option Canonical URLs automatically adding rel=”canonical” to non-canonical pages with a link to the canonical page!

Canonical URLs - Joomla Website Builder Gridbox

Option “Canonical URLs” you can find in the Site Settings ➝ General ➝ SEO ➝ Canonical URLs.

Enable Canonical URLs - Joomla Website Builder Gridbox

Just a simple click and question with multiple URLs are resolved! Google recommends using an absolute path for canonical URLs, for that, enter your site domain to the field "Site Domain".

New Site Settings Panel

As you can see on the screen above we have redesigned the Site Settings panel. Using side tabs, we have divided all options into smaller groups.

Site Settings Panel - Joomla Website Builder Gridbox

Also, from the admin side, we have moved the “Email Encryption” and "Media Manager" options to the site settings. Now all Gridbox options placed in one place.

Custom Meta Tags for Social Sharing

Sometimes, we need to set a unique image, title and description when sharing the page on Facebook, Twitter and other social media websites. To the "Page Settings," we have added a new tab "Sharing". Options inside this tab allow you to change your social share image, title and description.

Custom Meta Tags for Social Sharing - Joomla Website Builder Gridbox

Sharing options are available in the settings of single pages and also inside the post settings sidebar.


Canonical URLs is a nice solution to consolidate multiple URLs pointing to the same page. But you should understand, canonical URLs is a nice addition to your Joomla SEO, but this is not a panacea!

We are sure that the issue of multiple URLs on the internet is greatly exaggerated! Yes, duplicate content (Copy/Paste) may significantly reduce your site ranking in the search results. Multiple URLs - No!

As we noticed earlier, search engines understand the difference between duplicate content and multiple URLs! Interesting and unique content + basic SEO optimization - it's a key to the Top Ranking!


2.6.8 — 17.04.2019

  • Canonical URLs option
  • Meta tags for social sharing
  • Page and Site settings UI
  • Issues with a linkpicker
  • Issue with category re-selecting
  • Issue with selecting category in the plugin Tags
  • Issue with setting root folder for the Gridbox media manager
  • Issues with microdata in the plugin Star Ratings
  • Issues with a caption in the plugin Carousel
  • Issues with a text align in the plugin Overlay Section

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