Build Multilingual Websites with Gridbox

Build Multilingual Websites With Joomla Website Builder Gridbox

We hope you had a happy holiday with your family. We also had a great celebration and are ready to please you with a new update. So Balbooa Community, meet a big update that will allow you to create multilingual sites with Joomla website builder Gridbox.

As you already know, Gridbox supports the ability to create multilingual sites based on the principles of multilingual Joomla. Today's update comes with improvements that allow you to create top-notch multilingual sites on Joomla CMS.

Multilingual Associations in Gridbox

Ladies and gentlemen, we're happy to inform you that Gridbox 2.12.7 has the ability to create multilingual associations at all levels, from pages to content apps.

What are Multilingual Associations used for?

Multilingual Associations are used to redirect from one language page to another after clicking on the language switcher flag.

How to Associate Content in Gridbox?

To associate single pages, categories or apps, navigate to item settings, tab “Publishing”. Select the item language from the dropdown list.

How to assign language to a page? - Joomla website builder Gridbox

After that, for each language from the list select the associated item.

Associate Gridbox page with the language - Joomla website builder Gridbox

Edit Multilingual Pages Quickly

We've added a Language Switcher to the Gridbox Editor to make editing associated multilingual pages easier and faster. Gridbox Language Switcher provides fast switching between associated pages.

Switching between associated Gridbox pages

Switching between associated Gridbox pages - Joomla website builder Gridbox

Switching between associated Gridbox blog pages

Switching language between associated blog pages - Joomla website builder Gridbox

Switching between associated Gridbox store pages

Switching language between associated store pages - Joomla website builder Gridbox

Please note that the Editor Language Switcher is available only if the page has a multilingual association.

Multilingual System Pages

Gridbox system pages have always been a stumbling block in building multilingual sites. In Gridbox 2.12.7 we've found a solution. Now system pages include language settings.

Multilangual System Pages - Joomla Website Builder Gridbox

Also, we have added standard management tools like duplication, deleting, publishing and creating new ones.

Creating Multilingual System Pages

The process for creating multilingual system pages is similar to any other page. You need to make a copy, translate the content, assign the language and theme.

Creating a Multilingual Checkout Page

Pay special attention to the creation of a multilingual Checkout page. The checkout page comes with a global plugin “Customer Info” that includes custom fields. So if you remove any field, it's removed from all multilingual pages.

Besides creating duplicate pages, you also need to translate the fields. You will be able to translate the fields in the plugin settings.

Creating a Multilingual Checkout Page - Joomla Website Builder Gridbox

The Brand New Plugin Language Switcher

And the icing on the cake in today's multilingual update will be a new plugin for the Gridbox - Language Switcher. The Language Switcher plugin is an alternative solution to the standard Joomla Language Switcher module.

The plugin is developed in the best Gridbox traditions, beautiful and easy to configure. In addition, the Language Switcher plugin comes with 3 layouts: Default, Dropdown and Lightbox.

Default layout of the Language Switcher plugin

Default Layout in Language Switcher plugin - Joomla Website Builder Gridbox

Dropdown layout of the Language Switcher plugin

Dropdown Layout in Language Switcher plugin - Joomla Website Builder Gridbox

Lightbox layout of the Language Switcher plugin

Lightbox Layout in Language Switcher plugin - Joomla Website Builder Gridbox

Do you want the language switcher to look harmonious on your website? It's easier than ever because the Language Switcher plugin provides different design settings. So easily customize the language switcher design to make your site not only multilingual and functional but also very attractive.

We want our customers to create only attractive websites, where every detail will look perfect. The Gridbox Language Switcher plugin is no exception.

Media Manager Improvements

Another small improvement awaits you that will improve the user experience in the media manager. The Gridbox Media Manager already has the search by name, but sometimes that's not enough. Therefore, we have added file sorting by Name, Modified, and File Size.

Sort files in Gridbox Media Manager - Joomla Website Builder Gridbox

Want to see recently uploaded media at the top of the list? Sorting files in the Gridbox Media Manager is as easy as shelling peas. Just click sort by Modified. Or maybe you need to display all files alphabetically? Well, then sort by name. Finding media files in Gridbox media manager is much easier now. Just sort and enjoy!


The first update in 2022 turned out to be very productive. Gridbox 2.12.7 will give you more functionality for creating multilingual sites. Update, give it a try and write what you think about it in the comments below.


v.2.12.7 - 12/01/2022

  • Added: Gridbox Language Switcher plugin;
  • Added: Multilingual associations;
  • Added: Creating multilingual System Pages;
  • Added: Sorting files in the Media Manager;
  • Improved: Stripe order confirmation;
  • Fixed: Issue with loading speed of blogging plugins with a large number of fields;
  • Fixed: Issue with Masonry layout in Simple Gallery plugin;
  • Fixed: Issue with adding the Tabs plugin into the Tabs plugin;
  • Fixed: Issue with the Joomla 4 login module;
  • Fixed: Issue with the invoice downloaded from the account;
  • Fixed: JavaScript conflict;
  • Fixed: Issue with the Collapse option in the plugin Categories;
  • Fixed: Issue with the absence of extra options in the invoice sent by mail;
  • Fixed: Issue with border setting in submenus;
  • Fixed: Issue with the Media Manager in the admin panel;
  • Fixed: Issue with displaying Joomla modules;
  • Fixed: Issue with Joomla smart search and Gridbox fields;
  • Updated Languages: Catalan (ca-ES), Czech (cs-CZ), Dutch (nl-NL), German (de-DE), Italian (it-IT), Polish (pl-PL), Portuguese Brazil (pt-BR), Russian (ru-RU), Spanish (es-ES).