Breadcrumbs For Website Builder Gridbox. Key To Usability And SEO

Breadcrumbs for Gridbox

Today we're pleased to announce the release of a new plugin for Joomla Website Builder Gridbox. Ladies and gentlemen meet the awesome new navigation plugin - Breadcrumbs, which will not only improve your site usability but also pump it up in the search results. Let's take a look at how Breadcrumbs work in the Gridbox!

Breadcrumbs For Website Builder Gridbox. Key To Usability And SEO

Breadcrumb Navigation

The Gridbox plugin Breadcrumbs is secondary navigation that automatically generates and displays a path based on category and page titles, tracking steps back to your site's home page.

Breadcrumbs take very little space but have fantastic functionality. The display of the site hierarchy provides users who enter the site through search the ability to navigate the site levels with one click. Breadcrumbs will provide your site visitors another way to navigate through the levels and explore other site pages.

Breadcrumbs On Joomla Site - Breadcrumbs For Joomla Website Builder Gridbox

Breadcrumb navigation is perfect for sites with a logical hierarchy of content, such as categories and subcategories. If you are building an eCommerce site with Gridbox Store App, Travel or Personal blog using Gridbox Blog App or your own app using Gridbox Zero App, Gridbox plugin "Breadcrumbs" gonna be a great tool that improves navigation on your site. So add the Breadcrumbs plugin without any further ado!

Adding Breadcrumbs Plugin - Breadcrumbs For Joomla Website Builder Gridbox

Breadcrumbs Settings

The new Gridbox plugin is based on the Joomla Breadcrumbs module. No custom code is required for Gridbox Breadcrumbs because it comes with intuitive settings that will make your site's secondary navigation awesome. In the plugin settings, you will find a minimum of options that keep it clean and uncluttered. You can set an icon to display the home page and a separator icon.

Breadcrumbs Settings - Breadcrumbs For Joomla Website Builder Gridbox

Also, there are three different layouts at your disposal that allow you to quickly select the desired Breadcrumbs design: Classic, Triangle, Skew.

Different Breadcrumbs Layouts - Breadcrumbs For Joomla Website Builder Gridbox

Breadcrumbs and SEO

The plugin Breadcrumbs not only provide ease of navigation and improve the user experience, but it can also reduce bounce rates. Breadcrumb navigation is the key that has a great impact on your site for SEO.

Breadcrumbs contain structured elements. And as we know, structured data on a website are always good for search engines. Breadcrumbs display the hierarchy of your site and help search engines decide which pages are most important. Besides, Breadcrumbs can increase the number of conversions, user time on a website, and may even display in search results. So impress search engines by adding Breadcrumbs.

Breadcrumbs On Joomla Site - Breadcrumbs For Joomla Website Builder Gridbox


The plugin Breadcrumbs is easily understood, it allows your visitors to visualize their current location in relation to the rest of the site. In addition, the plugin will help to improve website usability and SEO. So use Breadcrumbs to the fullest, it’s still an excellent idea!


2.10.7 — 27.01.2021

  • Breadcrumbs plugin
  • Issues with a plugin "Counter"
  • Issue with an active menu item in the plugin "One Page Menu"
  • Displaying category list layout in the Gridbox Store App with trashed products

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