Gridbox Blogging App is Almost Here! Gridbox 2.1. What Awaits Us?!

Sharing About Upcoming Blog

Dear friends, today we want to share our secrets and tell you what we did during the summer! With incredible joy, we want to inform you that very soon you will have an incredible opportunity to create modern and beautiful Joomla blogs with Joomla website builder Gridbox and most importantly it will be very easy!

    Gridbox Blogging App is Almost Here! Gridbox 2.1. What Awaits Us?!

    Before we begin, we want to explain to you the grandiosity of the upcoming update. Gridbox App is not just a plugin that you can add to a page, App is an add-on that greatly extends the basic functionality of the Joomla page builder Gridbox.

      Adding the Blog

      Gridbox Blog App is an add-on that will allow you to create stunning Joomla Blogs easily and simply, with modern and beautiful layouts.

        Adding the Blogging App - Joomla website builder Gridbox

        To add the Blog App, in the Gridbox admin panel, you'll need to click on the button "Add New App" in the sidebar and select the Blog from the drop-down list.

          Creating Category

          After you added the Blog App you need to create the First Category.

            Adding and Setting Up the Category - Joomla Website Builder Gridbox

            As you can see, the list of categories is very similar to the list of categories in our Joomla Gallery component. As in the Gallery, you can create an unlimited number of subcategories!

              Move Categories and Blog Posts - Joomla Website Builder Gridbox

              Categories and Blog pages can be moved using the "Move To" option. The Power of the right-click!

                Blog Post Settings - Joomla Website Builder Gridbox

                As you can see on the picture above, in the settings of the blog page, you can find additional fields - Tags and Intro text.

                  Listing and Post Layouts

                  Layouts are the most significant difference of the Blog App. Standard Gridbox page doesn't have a global layout, each page has its own layout.

                  The Blog App has 2 Global Layouts: Single Post and Category Layout. Layout changes affect all pages and categories within the App.

                    Category Blog Layout - Joomla Website Builder Gridbox

                    For example, if you'll decide to add the sidebar to the category page, the sidebar will appear on all category pages within the App.

                    You can create truly beautiful page layouts, without the code, by simply dragging and dropping items.

                      Adding Blog Post Content

                      In order to add the content of your blog post, you need to click on the button "Edit Blog Post" and in the open window, you can add the content of your blog post.

                        Adding Blog Post Content - Joomla Website Builder Gridbox

                        Gridbox Blog App allows you to create incredibly awesome posts! Inside the post you can add absolutely any Gridbox plugin, you can build a unique layout of your post and it's all very easy and simple. Your blog post may include a slideshow, galleries, maps, etc.

                          7 New Plugins

                          Especially for the Blog App, we have created new plugins that will help you create a fully-featured blog.

                          • Categories
                          • Post Navigation
                          • Post Tags
                          • Recent Posts
                          • Related Posts
                          • Search
                          • Tags

                          Like any other Gridbox plugin, Blog plugins are Highly Configurable. You can easily change the layout of the plugin, fonts, colors, etc.


                            Imagine, you can create incredibly beautiful Joomla blogs without code. You can customize the view of blog posts with a simple mouse click and immediately see the result of your changes. This is a completely new level!

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