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Beauty Salon Booking Theme

Just last week, we introduced a powerful booking system for Joomla. We continue to fulfil our commitment to providing cutting-edge solutions. Today, we are introducing a theme that takes advantage of the newly launched Gridbox Booking System — Beyond. In the following blog post, we will tell you about the features of this unique beauty salon booking theme for Joomla.

Gridbox Theme Beyond — Beauty Salon Booking Theme for Joomla

Our goal has always been to provide you with the best solutions. A new and exciting tool has arrived in the Gridbox ecosystem that needs to be demonstrated in practical use. Gridbox themes are a great opportunity to show how the Booking Services App works. This is also an excellent way to save your time. So meet Beyond — an innovative booking theme built on the recently released Gridbox Booking System.

First Step to Perfect Visual Impression

We know that first impressions matter and the home page is the business card of your beauty salon. So we paid special attention to every detail to make the first visual impression memorable. Deep color and large elements are no coincidence — they create an atmosphere of comfort and professionalism.

The Beyond homepage is your chance to gain the trust and attention of your customers immediately. We have created it with a passion for detail so you can present your salon in the best possible light and take the first step towards a long-term relationship with your audience.

Home Page — Beauty Salon Booking Theme for Joomla

Header and Footer

The header in the beauty salon booking theme Beyond for Joomla is not just the top of the page. This is a key tool for instant access to your salon services. The "Book Now" functional button is always visible, guaranteeing your site visitors the ability to quickly move to booking services on any page. We've created a header that is not only beautiful but also functional and brings real value to your business.

In the footer, we have concentrated all the important information and tools in one place for maximum user convenience:

Company Pages

A list of Company pages in the footer will help visitors quickly find basic information about your salon, services and team.

Links to Social Networks

Social media plays an important role in brand perception. We've added links to your profiles, giving visitors direct access to your content and community.

Opening Hours

It's important to let visitors know when they can contact you. A work schedule in the footer will help avoid misunderstandings and ensure more effective communication.

Subscription Form

A subscription form is a powerful tool for expanding your customer base. By subscribing, visitors will receive up-to-date information about discounts, new services and special offers. This is a great way to keep your customers up to date.

We pay attention to every detail at Beyond to ensure your website is not only beautiful but functional. The header and footer are integral parts of a convenient and informative user experience that make interaction with your beauty salon even more enjoyable and effective.

Hamburger Menu

To make your site easy to use, we have added a Hamburger Menu — a stylish and effective way to organize navigation. Our goal is to provide customers with the opportunity to comfortably interact with your website without being distracted from the main information.

Why a hamburger menu? This menu provides a simple and intuitive way to hide additional pages, which is especially important when every pixel of the screen matters. We believe in minimalism, and the hamburger menu fits perfectly into this concept, freeing up space for your unique services.

Focus on the main thing: the "Book Now" button. Opening a hamburger menu is designed to keep users' attention on the main task — booking a service.

Behind Scenes of Beauty

The Studio page is an opportunity to introduce clients to the people behind their future transformations. The Studio page is a guide to your team's world. So it's essentially an About Us page. On this page, each master gets his own space, where their specialization is presented.

About Us Page - Beauty Salon Booking Theme for Joomla


On the Services page in a beauty salon booking theme for Joomla, we have presented a wide selection of services to highlight the uniqueness of your business. This is a guide to help you satisfy the most sophisticated needs of your clients. Here, site visitors will be able to view the entire variety of services and choose exactly what meets their expectations.

Services Page of Beyond - Beauty Salon Booking Theme for Joomla

Service Page Layout

On the Service Page Layout in Beyond, we provide a detailed dive into the selected service. From descriptions and prices to choosing a convenient time.

For the convenience of your customers, we have placed a calendar on the page. Now, choosing a date and time is easier than ever. Time slots provide flexibility and choice to suit your clients' schedules.

Service Page Layout - Beauty Salon Booking Theme for Joomla

Information and Interactivity

A blog on a website added using the Blogging App for Joomla is your tool for communicating with your audience. Share the latest news, trends and beauty tips. This will not only improve your professional ratings but will also keep visitors interested.

Blog in Theme Beyond - Beauty Salon Booking Theme for Joomla

Blog Post Layout

On the Blog Post Layout page of the Beyond theme, we paid special attention to the visual presentation of the article. Following modern trends and striving for a better user experience, we have created a layout where the article title takes centre stage, keeping you in a thoughtful atmosphere from the start. Placed in a sticky column, the headline always remains in the reader's field of view, creating a clear focus and attention to the key topic of the article.

The blog at Beyond is not only about information but also about visual perception. We have chosen fonts, colors and layout to ensure maximum readability and give the article an elegant look. Also, don’t forget that you can add the Comment System for feedback.


The main goal of the Contacts page is to provide transparency and ease of communication. On the page, your clients will find all the necessary contact information. Address and phone number – everything is presented clearly.

To simplify the communication process, we have added a convenient contact form created using Balbooa Joomla Forms Builder. Now, your customers can easily send you a message or ask a question without leaving your site.

To clear up any confusion and provide quick answers to questions, we have added a FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) section. This helps your customers quickly find information without being distracted by unnecessary queries.

Contact Us Page - Beauty Salon Booking Theme for Joomla


The Beyond theme is not just an aesthetic solution but also a tool for creating a unique digital space for your salon. With Beyond, powered by the Gridbox Booking System, you get more than just beautiful design and easy navigation. It's an investment in the future of your business where every detail is carefully considered, and every feature is designed to maximize customer satisfaction. Let Gridbox theme Beyond be your partner in building an attractive and functional online business profile. Install the beauty salon booking theme Beyond for Joomla and welcome to the future of beauty!

Changelog — 14.03.2024

  • Beauty salon booking theme Beyond 
  • Ability to edit previously created Zero App items from the user profile
  • Twitter icon in plugins Social Share, Comments and Reviews
  • Languages: German (de-DE), Italian (it-IT) 
  • Booking app issues related to PHP 7.x
  • Booking app issues related to disabled short_open_tag in PHP settings
  • Booking app issues related to installed languages in Joomla
  • Displaying system pages after installing the Booking app
  • Importing products with a CSV file
  • Joomla notices after Gridbox update
  • Fixed issues in the blog post editor
  • Background color inheritance in the blog post editor
  • Issue with displaying Zero app posts in user profiles
  • Disabling multiple nights services in booking calendar filters
  • Issue with displaying fields in Content Filters plugin

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