Advanced Booking System for Joomla Released

Appointment Booking Released

Today, the Gridbox ecosystem will become even more complete. Ladies and gentlemen, we present to your attention the Gridbox Booking System. A stunning solution designed with our customers in mind, this app opens up new possibilities for managing bookings on your Joomla websites. Let's dive into the unique experience of using the Gridbox Booking System together and see how it can become an integral part of your online space.

Advanced Booking System for Joomla Released

Accept Bookings Online

Gridbox Booking System provides not just a tool for managing bookings but also a whole set of features designed to streamline business processes and improve customer interaction. It's a powerful solution that will take your business to new levels of efficiency and customer satisfaction.

7 main reasons why and how online booking system will make your life easier and help increase income from your business.

Easy managing

An online booking system optimizes your time and makes the entire organization much easier. You can set your work schedule and days off, see upcoming appointments, and view client contact information. Sales statistics allow you to see your income.

No distractions

Using booking system allows you to do your business and not be distracted by calls from clients asking about available dates and times for booking.

Your time protection

The online booking system will help you protect yourself and your time from clients who book and don't show up. To do this, you can use full or partial prepayment. The new appointment will be created only after prepayment.

Accept reservations 24/7

Accept new reservations around the clock. This will increase your income, reduce the number of calls and make the reservation process convenient because customers do not have to adjust for your working hours to book a date and time.

Self date and time selection

Don't force your clients to adapt to you, they have a job to do. Make your service as adapted as possible. Let customers choose the day and time that is most convenient for them to use your services.

Coupons and discounts

Provide your regular clients with discounts or coupon codes to increase customer loyalty.


An automatic email notification system will prevent clients from forgetting an upcoming appointment.

As you can see, using the online booking system greatly simplifies the process of running a service business. At the same time, prepayment protects your time, and the ability to accept bookings 24/7 allows you to increase your income. 

As mentioned earlier, the Gridbox booking system is not just calendars. This is a more effective tool for different service businesses. Also, don’t forget that this is an online system. This means that you can easily attract new clients from search engines and advertising platforms. 

Booking on Joomla Made Easy

We have developed a tool that allows customers to create stunning Joomla booking sites with different types of services, from booking an appointment with a makeup artist to booking an apartment.

Gridbox Booking System is not a standalone Joomla extension, it's a Gridbox app. The installation process of the Gridbox Booking System is similar to installing any other app. You can find more details about installation, configuration, creating services, setting up layouts and much more in the documentation.

Booking Calendar

To work with your bookings, we have created a very convenient and user-friendly calendar. Gridbox Calendar provides comfortable and efficient work with your bookings.

You can create, edit, reschedule, and delete bookings in the Calendar. For convenience, you can view your appointments daily, weekly and monthly. Also, you can change the calendar view to Schedule. And of course, you can set your work schedule during which the client can leave a reservation.

You can learn more about all the available features and Calendar options in our previous blog post — Booking System Preview.

Service Page

The Service page is a page that displays the details of your booking service and, of course, the calendar picker with a book button. For experienced Gridbox users, this page is known as a Single Post Layout.

The flexibility to customize the Service Page Layout has no limits. Like any other Gridbox app, the single post layout of the page service includes a wide range of tools. So you can create the perfect layout for your services. From simple pages for booking barber services with a calendar and a “Book now” button to large informative pages with custom fields and image galleries for booking apartments and tours.

Service Page - Gridbox Booking System for Joomla

Service List

The Service List is a page that displays all your services. We call this page a Category List Layout

Choose from 5 category list layouts, 4 pagination types, and unlimited page design options. 

We would also like to mention the Content Filters plugin. Especially for the Gridbox Joomla Booking System, we have added a date picker and a range date picker to the Content Filters plugin, using which the client can search for services on the date he needs.

Service List - Gridbox Booking System for Joomla

Say goodbye to the complexities of appointment management. The Gridbox Booking System is your key to effortless scheduling and an enhanced customer experience. Our user-friendly app is developed to simplify your scheduling process, allowing you to customize anything and everything with ease. Gridbox Booking System is not just a tool, it's a solution designed for the modern entrepreneur. With the intuitive editor at your fingertips, Gridbox empowers you to tailor your Joomla booking system to suit your unique needs. From apartments to hairdressing services, the possibilities are endless!

Booking for Service Businesses

Gridbox Joomla Booking System has the versatility that allows it to be successfully implemented in various business areas and simplifies booking processes for a wide range of services.

Tutoring and coaching

  • Save time by automating your tutoring and coaching service. View and manage work schedule online.

  • Booking system can be adapted to your type of tutoring: personal tutoring, group classes or private group classes and workshops for teams and companies.

  • Suitable for language courses, home and online tutoring, business coaching, instructors.

  • Students will not forget about an upcoming lesson with automated email reminders.

Health and medical

  • Automate the appointment booking process. Give patients the ability to make self-appointments at a date and time that suits them.

  • Manage work schedule by setting working days and hours. Block any time for booking if it's necessary.

  • Manage appointment length time depending on service type.

  • Suitable for therapists, dental clinics, psychologists etc.

Tours and activities

  • Take your tour business online. Manage your booking, work schedule and receive payments in one place, on your website.

  • Provide different type of tours and activities. From personal 1-hour city tour to multiple days private group tour.

  • Allow your site visitors to search tours by dates, ratings and added custom fields.

  • Manage early and late bookings.

Fitness and sports

  • Focus on fitness or yoga training. Leave all the dirty work to the Booking system.

  • Create different types of training: private personal training or open groups. Manage the maximum number of participants in a group.

  • While you take a break from training, clients can sign up for training on their own. You will receive a notification about new booking.

Accommodation Rentals

  • Rent out apartments, houses, cabins, banquet halls, sports courts and other real estate.

  • View and manage your entries with a convenient monthly calendar.

  • Multi-day picker allow to choose the length of stay.

  • Manage min. and max. days to rent out. Also you can manage early and late bookings.

  • Protect your business with full or partial prepayment. Dates are reserved after prepayment is made.

  • 15 secure online payment gateways available to earn rental income.

  • Allows visitors to search and filter accommodations by available dates.

Professional services

  • Appointment scheduling for professional services such as business consultants, accountants, financial advisors, law firms and others.

  • Manage your meeting schedule by setting working days and hours.

Beauty and wellness

  • Beauty salons, spa centers, barbers and hairdressers, nail and lash artists, makeup artists, massage specialists, tattoo studios and artists.

  • Don't be distracted by calls, leave the booking process to the automated booking system.

  • Manage all your appointments and view your work schedule from one place.

  • Give clients the ability to make self-appointments at a date and time that suits them.

  • Protect your time with partial prepayment bookings.

  • Inform clients by email about upcoming appointments.

Maintenance and repair

  • House repair services, landscaping, cleaning, moving, car repair and maintenance.

  • Accept new reservations around the clock.

  • View your appointments and manage working schedules.

For developers who build Joomla websites using Gridbox, the brand new booking system opens a new huge market, where you can provide your services in website building and help local businesses move online to get all the benefits of managing and selling their services online.


The Balbooa community always gets the best. Today, you have an excellent, multifunctional app in your arsenal of tools that will allow you to scale your business in several more directions. Gridbox is the best investment in the development of your business. You don't need to make additional payments, the Booking System is already included in your Pro subscription. Don't waste time, install Booking Services App.

We have done a lot of work developing the most flexible platform that can be used from booking apartments to booking hairdressing services. We still have a lot to do, so let's create future functionality together. Write to us about what integrations and options you would like to see in the Gridbox Booking System. We are always open to your suggestions and ready to listen to them. 

Oh, one more thing! Next week, we will release a new Gridbox theme based on the Booking System so that you can see the new app in action and use it in your new projects.


2.17.0 — 06.03.2024

  • Booking App
  • Filter booking services by dates to Content Filters Plugin
  • Ukrainian (uk-UA) language
  • Languages: Czech (cs-CZ), Polish (pl-PL), Russian (ru-RU) 
  • Duplicating fields values in Zero app
  • Displaying gradients on mobile devices
  • Pagination in the plugin Recent Posts
  • Issue with default product variation in the eCommerce app
  • Issue with displaying selling price in eCommerce app
  • Issue with a link picker
  • Issue with margins in the plugin Overlay Section
  • z-index for coupon code popup on eCommerce checkout page
  • Issue with adding new product variations in eCommerce

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