Gridbox Admin Panel Improvements

Brand New Dashboard

Within the 2 years, we didn't touch Gridbox admin panel. Since the original Gridbox 2.x release, have been added a lot of features. We decided to take a little pause with adding new features and pay attention to the admin panel. Ladies and Gentlemen say “Hello!” to the new Admin Panel with improved workflow. Also, Joomla website builder Gridbox 2.6.10 includes important fixes for the XML Sitemap generator and other known bugs.

Gridbox Admin Panel Improvements

Admin Panel Improvements

The Gridbox dashboard doesn’t include information about your local weather and time, sorry! We decided to focus on the necessary things which allow you to work faster and effectively. Quick and easy access to everything, it was the main idea of the adding dashboard for the Joomla website builder Gridbox.

Creating New Items within Dashboard

The Add New Item button in the top-left corner on the new dashboard, allows you to create new pages for installed content Apps.

Create New Page - Joomla Website Builder Gridbox

It is very convenient, you can quickly create new pages directly from the dashboard, without having to visit apps.

Dashboard Widgets

Recently Opened

Recently Opened widget displaying the 10 latest opened / edited pages from all Gridbox apps.


Apps widget provides you quick access to all installed apps and a quick link to the Apps Manager.

Recent Files Widget

Recent Files widget displaying the 10 latest uploaded files and a quick link to the Gridbox media manager. Manage files directly from the dashboard.

Probably, you are looking on the dashboard and thinking about an empty place to the right of the "Recent Files" widget. Let's say - it's not an empty place, it's a reserved place for future widgets.

Version Info and License Activation

The "Info" window provides information about your current Gridbox version, update and license.

Gridbox Info - Joomla Website Builder Gridbox

If your Gridbox version is outdated, you'll be informed and be able to update Gridbox through "Info" window.

We want to note a few words about license activation. In the Gridbox 2.6.10, we have implemented a single activation system.

Gridbox License Activation - Joomla Website Builder Gridbox

After activating your license, all Gridbox PRO features will be available without additional entering your username and password.

Sidebar Navigation

The sidebar comes with Gridbox from the beginning. In Gridbox 2.6.10, we have grouped all installed apps into the icon "Apps".

Sidebar Navigation - Joomla Website Builder Gridbox

The sidebar can be opened by click on the icon at the top. The sidebar will be open until you close it, even after page refreshing.


The "Apps" page allows you to view and manage your Apps in a more comfortable way.

Gridbox Apps Manager - Joomla Website Builder Gridbox

The Gridbox App - is a tool that allows extending Gridbox functionality. Such tools like Photo editor, Code editor, Performance, Preloader, Canonical URLs and XML sitemap now presented like apps and available only for Gridbox PRO subscribers.

Adding New App - Joomla Website Builder Gridbox


The "Themes" page has been redesigned to the same style as an Apps Manager, they are very similar.

Gridbox Themes manager - Joomla Website Builder Gridbox

Tabs were removed, the import was moved to the "Settings" on the sidebar. The new theme can be added by click on the button "Add New Theme". By, the way before theme installing you can view the theme demo - easy and useful!

Installing New Theme - Joomla Website Builder Gridbox


With the new dashboard, you can forget about troubles with navigation between apps from the sidebar. With a new License Activation system process of installing Gridbox PRO features are much easier and faster. Update notification wouldn't overlay "Create New Item" anymore.

Of course, if you are using Gridbox from the beginning, the first time you feel a little discomfort since the UX was changed! But, just 5 minutes, and you forget about previous admin panel UX!

The new dashboard allows us to continue working with upcoming apps. Let's Rock!


2.6.10 — 15.05.2019

  • Gridbox Admin Panel
  • Font Awesome Icons to version 5.8.1
  • Issues with plugins Carousel, Slideset and Post Slider inside the
  • Content Slider plugin
  • Issues with a Sitemap App
  • Issue fixed header and One Page menu
  • Issue Video Lazy Load in the Overlay Section plugin
  • Issue with Email Encryption

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