Add Beautiful Gradients to Your Website. Gridbox 2.3.2 Released

Gradient Backgrounds Released

We are continuing the marathon of the Gridbox weekly improvements and today we are ready to introduce you a new update, say "Hello!" to Gridbox 2.3.2., with gradients, custom items ordering and new plugin "Social Icons".

Add Beautiful Gradients to Your Website. Gridbox 2.3.2 Released

Gradient Backgrounds

Gradients are back in web design and we are happy to inform you that we have added a new background type "Gradient".

Add Background Gradient - Joomla website builder Gridbox

Background Gradients available for any section, row and column. Gradients options can be found in the Background Settings ➝ Type Gradient.

Gridbox allows to set:

  • Gradient effect: linear or radial
  • Angle: 0 - 360 deg. (only for linear)
  • Start color and position 0 - 100%
  • End color and end position 0 - 100%

Create Gradient Backgrounds

For you inspiration, we want to propose you a list of sources which comes with already pre-designed gradient combinations which you can use for your awesome projects:


Grab them!

Gradient Overlay

With Joomla website builder Gridbox 2.3.2 you can select the type of overlay: classic solid color or brand new gradient overlay with an ability to change transparency through the color picker.

Add Overlay Gradient - Joomla website builder Gridbox

Overlay gradient comes with absolutely the same options as a background gradient.

Custom Sorting

In the admin panel, Gridbox allows you to sort items (pages, posts, and tags) by a wide range of parameters: status, title, ID, theme, etc. But unfortunately, this is not enough.

With Gridbox 2.3.2 we have added the most flexible way to sort your items - "Custom Sorting" which allows sorting Gridbox items as you need using simple Drag and Drop.

Page Custom Sorting - Joomla website builder Gridbox

To start reordering items, select "Custom" ordering in the top-right corner of the admin panel.

Using Drag & Drop, reorder items to organize your items list.

Drag and Drop sorting - Joomla website builder Gridbox

Plugin Social Icons

Time to forget about the uncomfortable option “Display Inline” in the Gridbox plugin Icons, we have created a new plugin "Social Icons".

The plugin Social Icons provides you the easiest way to display social icons with links to social media profiles horizontally.

The plugin comes with the same options which you can see in the plugin "Icons". The main difference, the plugin "Social Icons" allows you to display more than 1 icon and all icons are displayed horizontally.

Step by step we improving Gridbox providing you new updates, with new features which make website building process more comfortable and easier.

Each update it's not only new features, it's a bug fixing and it's a key to success. Create stable products as it possible. Thanks to you, we have tons of nice ideas how to improve Gridbox, how to make life easier!

Let's Rock, new updates are coming soon!


2.3.2 — 06.03.2018

  • Background gradient
  • Overlay gradient
  • Custom sorting
  • Plugin Social Icons
  • Titles for options panels in the editor
  • Small issues with a plugin "Cookies"
  • Issue with inline icons and columns vertical align
  • Arrows centering in the plugin "Simple Gallery"

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