A First Look at The GridBox Page Builder. Become a Tester!

Create an Awesome Page with Gridbox website builder

We are unbelievably happy to announce that Beta version of Joomla Page Builder Gridbox is already done and is on the way to final testing which means that we are at the finish line and the release is coming soon!

Gridbox is Launched!

Dear friends, Balbooa's Joomla page builder Gridbox is launched and you can download it here: Gridbox - Joomla Page Builder

If you read our previous blog post about Gridbox "The Gridbox is coming soon", you should know, the Gridbox is a component that combines the Page Builder and Joomla Template Framework.

Today we're going to talk about Gridbox Page Builder.The process of creation the page by using Gridbox website builder woulds be in two simple steps:

  • Creating a page layout;
  • Filling the layout.

We tried very hard to make page creation as simple as possible.

Build a Flexible Page Layouts.

If you have experience with our Forms component, hold that you have already created a page layout in Gridbox.

A page layout of Gridbox created by sections which in turn contains rows and columns. The section can contain unlimited number of rows.

Gridox Page Builder - Section Structure

For adding a new section you have just click the button "New Section". In dialog box you can choose 10 variations of sections with different number of columns. We selected the most commonly used layouts in web design, making Gridbox at most flexible.
Also by drag and drop, you can change the order of sections and rows inside the section.

Every object of the page layout: section, row, column has a lot of options, that allows you to customize the page layout including your needs. For example, you can easily set the background picture or video, add animation, set margins etc.

All options of Gridbox are arranged in the editor very exactly and consequently. In the process of Gridbox creation we don't forget for a moment about slogan of our company "It's easier than ever".

The most detailed review of options for sections, rows and column, you can read in the Gridbox documentation over which we are working now.

Gridbox Page Plugins.

After that you have created your page layout, added background images, animations, margins, etc. you need to fill the page layout of the content. To add page plugins you have click the icon "Plus" on the column.

At this moment Gridbox includes six plugins:

  • Text;
  • Button;
  • Image;
  • Joomla Module;
  • Forms;
  • Gallery.

Each of the plugin have especial options, most detailed description of the plugin options will be able in the documentation.

In the future we’ll upgrade the list of plugins, to make Gridbox more universal and ready to meet any challenges.

Become a Tester!

A picture is worth a thousand words! As you can read before, the Beta version of Gridbox is already done and You have a Great chance! to become one of the first Gridbox users.

To Join the Gridbox Testing Team:

1. You should be the customer to one of our products or memberships;
2. Send us a letter via the contact form, with the subject “I want to test Gridbox” and write your username in the letter.

We promise you that you will be surprised by the simplicity of using the component! And don't forget, everything happens on the frontend in the Real time! It's unbelievably cool.… If once you test Gridbox you will fall in love with Gridbox for ever. Revolution is comming!

Gridbox Testing Team have been Formed!

We are sorry, but we can’t invite everyone, and first of all we would like to get a group of our customers who have a good experience with our extensions: Forms and Gallery.

If you have any questions, don't be shy to leave them in the comments, and we’ll be glad to answer them. Have a nice day and good luck with your projects!