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The Joomla Gallery component was recently updated to version 1.3, an epic fabulous idea came up to us, which we have successfully added and the Gallery received a new update. This is more than just a gallery.

    Balbooa Joomla Gallery 1.4  Released

    Disqus Comments

    It's just an incredible option. For each image or video, you can add a comments form! Isn't that cool?! The Gallery component achieved a great deal of own growth. With the new version of the Gallery, you can increase the social activity of your site.

    Your users can now share images and videos and write their opinion. Won't it be fun to read wonderful comments below the post?! Gentlemen, it's a completely new level.

      Disqus Comments - Balbooa Joomla Gallery

      Just imagine, with new features, you can create a website in a Pinterest style. You should only select Masonry grid layout, set up Infinite scroll pagination, and activate the comments. It's goddamn weird!!!

      As we know, Google pays attention to the social activity on the site, besides that, we believe that at the moment it's an important factor, which affects the web ranking in the search engine. Google is more smartest than it looks!

      As a platform for comments, we chose Disqus. Why's Disqus?! It's the most powerful system of comments today, provides great management tools.

      We want to notice that we have also examined Facebook and Google+ comments. But we decided to choose Disqus, as we think, Disqus is much flexible and powerful.

        Search Engine Friendly URLs

        Another very important novelty in our Gallery is SEF (Search Engine Friendly) urls.

          Search Engine Friendly URLs and Balbooa Joomla Gallery

          As far as you know, each image opens in a dialog, has its own unique URL. New version of the Gallery allows you to create your own URLs! No sense to talk about how much it's important for SEO. 

          Inside of 4 months of the Gallery's life, it was quite increased! Now it’s a really powerful and flexible Joomla Gallery component.

          Leave your suggestions about the Gallery updates. We are always happy to see your comments below our posts. Have a nice day!


            1.3.0 — 23.09.2015

            • Disqus comments
            • Possibility to add Gallery into Joomla item from the Frontend
            • SEF URLs
            • Image uploader
            • Modal dialog JS and CSS
            • Small bug with Infinite pagination
            • CSS conflict with title color in the dialog
            • Facebook and Google+ image sharing
            • Vertical align for thumbnail caption

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