Gallery 1.5 is Here! New Grid Layout Without Cropping

Gallery 1.5 is Here! New Grid Layout Without Cropping

Hello and Happy New Year everyone! 2016 we will start with an amazing update for our Joomla Gallery component. Time to Say "Hello" for new Gallery layout Random Grid and full sized pics without cropping!

Random Grid and Full Sized Pics

Random grid layout is an incredibly big step for our Joomla Gallery component.

The most important feature of Random Grid layout is not cropped thumbnails. Your visitors can view full sized pictures.

In other words, if you uploaded the picture with 16:9 ( Aspect Ratio) on website will be displayed absolutely the same picture, with the same aspect ratio.

Joomla Gallery Random Grid and Full Sized Pics

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The Image width and height, as and on previous Gallery layouts, depends from the container width and number of columns.

The difference between not cropped and cropped pics, you can view here: Gallery Masonry Grid (cropped) and Gallery Random Grid (not cropped). Pay attention, the both galleries have the same pictures!

Without a doubt, we are confident that you will appreciate the new grid layout and the ability to display pictures without cropping. Very useful feature if you need to show full sized photos without cropping. Enjoy!

New Effect For Random Grid Layout

Another expected feature is here! Gallery 1.5 include new thumbnail effect with a caption below the picture.

New hover effect allow you always display caption, and you do not have to place cursor over the image to view caption.

Joomla gallery - select hover effect

Mix new effect with another Gallery features to build impressive Joomla Galleries. You have only one limit - it's your imagination.

Joomla Gallery Caption below the picture

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Note! The New Gallery effect is available only for Random Grid Layout!


  • Added: New layout - Random Grid (No Crop Images);
  • Added: Modal Close Animation;
  • Added: Animation between images in modal at auto resize mode;
  • Improved: Modal in Responsive Mode;
  • Improved: Image Uploader;
  • Fixed: Displaying Images in category "All" from unpublished categories;
  • Fixed: Small CSS bugs;
  • Fixed: Grid resizing in Gridbox Plugins "Tabs" and "Accordions".

Update Gallery!

To update your Gallery component, please follow this tutorial: How to update Joomla Gallery

Download Joomla Gallery

Newest version of the Gallery component with new features will greatly expand your possibilities and allow you to create first-class galleries.

With new layout Gallery got a new look, become more flexible and able to cope with any of your tasks.

As always, we will be only pleased to read your suggestions . We are open to new ideas! Feel free to post your comments!