Gallery 1.5.4 Released! Languages and New Features

Languages and New Features

Update from the downloaded archive

Hello everybody! Today we're ready to present you our next update of the component Gallery. Our Joomla Gallery has become multilingual, also we have added a number of new features.

    Gallery 1.5.4 Released! Languages and New Features

    Languages Support

    We’re incredibly happy to announce you that the component Gallery has become multilingual, and since the 1.5.4 version the Gallery supports 18 languages:

    • English (en-GB)
    • Catalan (ca-ES)
    • Chinese (zh-TW)
    • Croatian (hr-HR)
    • Czech (cs-CZ)
    • Danish (da-DK)
    • Dutch (nl-NL)
    • Finnish (fi-FI)
    • French (fr-FR)
    • German (de-DE)
    • Lithuanian (lt-LT)
    • Norwegian (nb-NO)
    • Persian (fa-IR)
    • Polish (pl-PL)
    • Portuguese (pt-BR)
    • Russian (ru-RU)
    • Spanish (es-ES)
    • Swedish (sv-SE)

    We want to tell thanks to all our translators, who have helped us to accomplish the translation of the component and always help us with the transition of new constants. We appreciate you very much your work! 

    The most interesting thing is the installation method of language packs. To install a new language, you need to push the button "Languages", in the opened modal window you have to choose your language… That's all, it's done! You don't need to download the additional files, all are available in the administrative panel of the Gallery.

    We're really proud of the Language installer, it gives accent to our team style, which creates not only the functional components but also very beautiful and easy to use.

    Load New Languages for Joomla Gallery

    Category Links

    Yes, we did it, now each Gallery category has its own link. The link generates from the name of the category, but we have also added the field “Alias”, which will allow you to create a link by yourself.

      Search Engine Friendly URLs and Balbooa Joomla Gallery

      Essentially, the working method is similar to the links for pictures in a modal window. We want to turn your attention, links available for classic Gallery layout and for Album Mode.

        Thumbnails for Random Grid Layout

        How you can know, Random Grid Layout is the only 1 layout of the Gallery, that displays original images and doesn't crop them. Random Grid Layout doesn't have generated thumbnails, was displayed the original image files. It was a punch item here. Such functions as Image Quality and Lazy Load, which accelerate the gallery, weren't available for Random Grid Layout, because those options require thumbnails. 

        In the new version of the Gallery component, all functions are available, and don't worry because thumbnails with Random Grid Layout are not cropped! 

          What's Next?

          Currently, we are working hard on our Joomla Forms component, in the immediate future, we are planning to realize a very great update. Dear translators, check to please that your language for the Forms component was translated into 100%. Joomla Forms on 

          As usual, we will be very glad to know your opinion, if you have any suggestions or good ideas don't be afraid to write us. We will be so happy about your messages. Peace and Love for all!


            1.5.4 — 25.05.2016

            • 16 languages
            • Thumbnails, Lazy Load, Thumbnail Quality for Random Grid Layout
            • URLs for categories
            • CSS and JS
            • Facebook sharing

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