Gallery 1.3 Has Been Released!

Joomla Gallery 1.3 Has Been Released!

We have a good news for you, new update for our Gallery component. Today, we want to tell you about new features which have latest version of the Gallery.

We had a bit of free time after Gridbox Beta launch. So we decided to create a new update of The Gallery. Let's roll!

New Auto Resize Dialog

The most biggest update at the newest version of Gallery component, has got Auto Resize script. We have improved Auto Resize option! Works incredibly well.

Joomla Gallery - Auto Resize Dialog

Very, very soft effect of modal resizing, looks terrific! You can view new auto resize effect on our demo: Auto Resize Dialog

Modal Window Appearance Effects

Newer versions of Gallery, modal window opens very softly. But the most interesting, that you can choose one of 9 available effects. Isn't that awesome?

Joomla Gallery - Modal Window Appearance Effects

All appearance effects developed with CSS transitions and animations, and tested on all modern browsers. You can try modal window appearance effects on our demo website, Modal Window Appearance Effects.

Infinite Scroll Pagination

One of our customers gives us a good idea to add a pagination "Infinite". We are very thankful for this. We appreciate all your ideas and are always ready to consider them.

Joomla Gallery - Infinite Scroll Pagination

Actually the pagination "Infinite" you know very well, when you check out the news feed at Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, etc. Basic idea of "Infinite" pagination is similar to available pagination "Load More", but with "Infinite" you haven't to click the "Load More" button, just scrolling.

We also recommend you to activate Lazy Load, which will work perfectly in pair with pagination "Infinite" and most importantly doesn't slow down your website speed. Take a look at our demo: Infinite Pagination.


  • Added: New Auto Resize script;
  • Added: Modal window appearance effects;
  • Added: Sorting in category All;
  • Added: Infinite Scroll Pagination;
  • Added: Close Dialog on click (anywhere);
  • Fixed: Bug with Lazy Load option.

Update from downloaded archive!

Update your current Gallery version from downloaded archive, please follow this tutorial: How to update Joomla Gallery

Sum up, it may be said that the new version of the Gallery, will make your website more user friendly. Users will surf your wonderful galleries like up waves.

As usual, we are glad to read your opinions in the comments, and we are always open to new ideas.