Gallery is Coming Soon

Joomla Gallery component is coming soon

Today we want to announce the release of Beta version of the new Gallery component. Stable version is coming soon! It's not a new update of 6gallery module, it is a brand new Gallery component that should replace the 6gallery module. Let's have a look at some of its awesome features.

Easy-to-use admin UI

The Gallery will get structured and easy-to-use administrative panel. We have focused on the usability of a large number of categories and pictures. You can easily change the order of images by dragging them inside the category, moreover images can be easily moved from one category to another with help of drag and drop. Of course you can automatically sort images by Date or Alphabetical order. Also we have added ability to disable category, or choose Default category.

Thumbnails View

Like our component Forms, Gallery provides an ability to edit the design of the thumbnails directly in administrative panel in real time, that makes it extremely convenient. You will be able to set the number of columns easily, color for titles, categories, captions and set the thumbnails effect. Currently beta version of Gallery already includes 6 amazing thumbnail hover effects.

Image Uploader

We have completely redesigned the image Uploader. Now you have an opportunity to upload images not only from the desktop but also from the Joomla image folders.

High Performance with Lazy Load!

The new gallery will allow you to display a huge number of pictures per page using Lazy Load. It delays the loading of images on long web pages. Images outside of viewport are not loaded until the user scrolls to them. To view pages with a large number of images we have added 4 types of pagination. Pagination styles can be also customized in admin panel.

And also code of gallery component very optimized. Beta version of the component is only 70kb

Grids and LightBoxes

The gallery includes 3 types of grids: Classic Grid, Metro Grid and Masonry. For each type of Grid you can set the margin between thumbnails.

We have added new Lightbox with Swipe option. View images from mobile devices will be much easier. + option Social share and Likes for your awesome images

Shortcode Button

Gallery provides super flexible method of displaying galleries at the frontend. With shortcode button you can display galleries anywhere on your Joomla website, articles, extensions, custom HTML modules…

Shortcode button was successfully implemented at our Joomla Drag and Drop form builder Forms, so you can try it now.

We don't want to open all our secrets, but we're sure you'll be delighted with the new Gallery. Stay with us!


Should I buy subscription to the new Gallery component if I have subscription to 6gallery?
No, 6gallery module will be replaced by the new Gallery component and you will be able to download it without paying extra money.

Can I update 6gallery to new Gallery component?
No, it will be absolutely new extension.