Balbooa Joomla Gallery 2.0 Released! Faster and Stronger than Ever!

Balbooa Joomla Gallery 2.0 Released! Faster and Stronger than Ever!

Today, we are incredibly glad to announce you that Gallery 2.0 is ready and available for downloading. Yes, right! It's time to create amazingly beautiful and powerful galleries.

We did a great job and today we want to tell you about our results, about a new version of our Gallery component for Joomla! CMS.

But, before we begin, we want to notice, that Gallery 2.0 is a totally new component. The only thing that unites the Gallery 2.x with the previous version is an opportunity to update from Gallery 1.x to 2.0.

Bigger and Faster Than Ever!

The most important feature of the Gallery 2.0 is that now you can create an immense gallery with a great number of pictures, and the gallery will work perfectly! Yes, right - perfectly!

In the Gallery testing process, one of our users uploaded to the Gallery more than 7 000 pictures, and the result was fantastic! Gallery works very quickly, and in the admin panel all changes happen without any delays.

New Admin Panel

We have completely redesigned the admin panel. It has become modern, beautiful and incredibly comfortable! By means of the context menu, you can incredibly quickly and effectively manage the folders and pictures in the gallery.

Try New Admin panel!

About our new design we can write for miles and miles, so try the new design right now on our demo: Try Balbooa Joomla Gallery

Sort pictures and folder with Balbooa Joomla Gallery 2.0

Either more about the new admin panel you can read in our previous blog posts: Balbooa Joomla Gallery 2.0 is Coming Soon.

New Media Manager

New Media Manager - an incredible comfortable tool for managing images and folders . As in admin panel we have added a possibility to manage images and categories with help of context menu.

Open Context Menu by Right Click - Balbooa Joomla! Gallery Media Manager Try on Demo!

You can download, rename, move, delete images and folders. You have a complete control over the images in your Joomla! website.

Move Folder and Images - Balbooa Joomla! Gallery Media Manager

Also, now you have a possibility to upload pictures into the gallery directly from the desktop!

Gallery Front End Editing

To the Gallery 2.0, we have added the ability to edit existing galleries from the site front.

Justified New Grid Layout - Balbooa Joomla Gallery

Final customers of the site will be able to upload new pictures, create new folders or edit an existing from site front.

New Grid Layout – Justified

Justified is an incredibly popular layout. We can see him absolutely everywhere! Justified Grid Layout is used on Google Photos,,, and this list is endless.

Justified New Grid Layout - Balbooa Joomla Gallery View on Live Demo!

Just as Masonry Grid Layout ("Random" in the previous version), Justified Grid Layout displays the pictures without cropping, in their original proportions.

New Image Viewer

Gallery 2.0 received a modern image viewer. As in the previous version in Lightbox everything is customized below your needs.

Modern image viewer - Balbooa Joomla Gallery

Description in Lightbox can be placed now not only below the picture but also to the left and right.

Social Sharing - Balbooa Joomla Gallery

We have added 2 new Lightbox options, except existing and well known, this is a possibility to download the image, and the possibility to zooming the image in Lightbox.

Zoom pictures - Balbooa Joomla Gallery Try New Image Viewer!

Direction Aware New Caption Effect

Direction Aware is much stylish and interesting effect. With Grid Layout – Justify, Direction Aware looks incredibly spectacular.

Justified - New Grid Layout for Balbooa Joomla Gallery View on Live Demo!

Direction Aware will attract the attention even of the most conservative visitor.

Image Protection

First and foremost we want to notice that we have made a considerable work on improving the watermark!

Content Protection Tools - Balbooa Joomla Image Gallery

But also we have added a number of new options that will help you to save your pictures. For example, you can disable the right click of the mouse, without giving a possibility to save pictures. Moreover, you can deactivate the hot key combination or opening the Developer Console on all your site!


Create backup of the site before updating! Сlear the browser Cache after installing an update!


We have done an immense work. The mentioned above options are only a part of this work. You need to install the Gallery 2.0, to understand all value of executed work.

Finally we want to say that this is not a regular update of Gallery component, it's a whole new level, a whole new component.

We want to say thank you to all our users who took part in our testing program. We were very surprised by your activity, thank you!

This is a very important update. We have created a new stage for all our Joomla Extensions. Soon we will start with updates for Forms and Gridbox components. But this is another story and now it's time to create the best galleries with Balbooa Joomla Gallery. Let’s Rock, Let’s Develop!

Download Balbooa Joomla Gallery

Let’s Rock, Let’s Develop!