Balbooa Gallery is Compatible with Joomla 4.0

Joomla 4 Compatibility Update

Today we want to introduce you The Balbooa Joomla Gallery 2.3.0. The new version of the Balbooa Gallery includes bug fixing, but the most interesting thing is that Balbooa Gallery 2.3.0 now is fully compatible with available Joomla 4.0 Alpha 4!

    Balbooa Gallery is сompatible with Joomla 4.0

    The World is looking forward to Joomla 4.0! The faster and easier installation process, new admin UI, new admin and front-end templates, faster page loading times, new media manager and much, much more.

    We are sure that some of you already installed 4. So, now you can install Balbooa Joomla Gallery to your Joomla 4 installation and make sure that Balbooa Joomla Gallery is perfectly compatible with the upcoming Joomla 4.

      Gallery List - Balbooa Joomla Gallery and Joomla 4

      The Gallery 2.3.0 installation package is compatible with your already installed Joomla 3.x and with Joomla 4.0 Alpha 4.

        Balbooa Joomla Gallery and Joomla 4

        Closely to the official release of the stable Joomla 4.0, all Balbooa Joomla extensions will be ready and fully compatible with Joomla 4.0.

          Balbooa Joomla Gallery and Joomla 4

          We wish good luck to all the development team Joomla! 4.0 for building this awesome CMS! We really appreciate your work and look forward to the release!


            2.3.0 — 06.12.2018

            • Joomla 4.0 Alpha 4 compatibility
            • Conflict with 3rd party extensions and Gallery frontend editing
            • Issue with adding custom HTML into the lightbox using frontend editor
            • Conflicts with 3rd party template frameworks
            • Conflicts with 3rd party “Tabs” extensions
            • Issue with watermarks and lightbox image compression
            • Issue with uploading pictures through the frontend editor
            • Issues with “Load More” pagination
            • Issues with Facebook sharing
            • Issue with displaying pictures in the lightbox and infinity pagination
            • Issues with the restriction of viewing images within one page

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