New Update for Our Form Builder

New version of Joomla forms builder

We had a little time off between tasks with Gridbox and we decided to add new options for our Joomla Forms. Here comes Forms v.1.2.0, was already uploaded on our website and you can easily update to the new version.

New version of the Forms Component received 3 new options:

  • Notification Dialog on Form Submit;
  • Print submissions;
  • Additional options for a Google maps plugin.

Notification Dialog on Form Submit.

In previous Forms version after a successful sending the form, the notification message was displayed as a standard text under the form.

In the Forms 1.2.0, the state of sending the form displayed in the dialog box.

You can customize the dialog box to match your website design by using the next options:

  • Message Bg Color - allows you to set the body color of modal box;
  • Message Font Color - allows you to set the message color, which informs user about the state of sending the form;
  • Lightbox Bg - allows you to set the background color and transparency of the dialog box;
  • Custom HTML code for "Form Sent Message" and "Form Error Message fields".

By the means of the above options you can create really beautiful messages, that will complete the design of your website. Submit form on Joomla Forms Showcase page to view the new notification dialog.

Print Submissions.

A short while ago, our customer asked about the possibility to print the submissions. We decided, why not, keeping in mind that it's fairly standard option that Joomla has.

To print the form Submission, you have to select it in the list and to press the icon “print”, as usual, it's all very simple and easy.

Additional options for a plugin Google Maps.

Google maps plugin received two additional options:

  • Scroll Zooming;
  • Draggable Map.

In the new Forms 1.2.0 you have a possibility to activate and to deactivate these options for Google Maps. They will be very helpful if you set the large sizes of map, and now occasional zooming or dragging of maps will not disturb you.

A complete list of changes of Forms v.1.2.0 you can find at the Forms Documentation.

How to Update?

To update your current Forms version, please follow this tutorial: How to update Joomla Forms

We are always glad and open for new ideas and propositions, don't hesitate to write your suggestions in the comments. Have a nice day!