Forms Builder 1.6 Launched! The Biggest Update Ever

Conditional Logic and Integrations

Today, we are finally ready to present you with an incredibly great update for Joomla Forms. Were added tons of cool features: Conditional Logic Fields, Theme Color, MailChimp Integration, and much more! Let's get it started!  During the last 2 months, we have worked very hard with our Joomla Form Builder component, and we decided to add all features which you have requested for the last 6 months.

    Joomla Forms Builder 1.6 Launched

    Conditional Logic Fields

    It happened! We are incredibly glad to inform you that Logic Fields are available now in the Forms component.  We want to present you a short video where you will see how to create Logic Fields in component Forms.

      As you can see in the video, it looks very simple. Make it Simple for using, has been the biggest challenge for us. Within one month, we sat and drew on a paper, how will work Conditional Logic in the Forms. We tried dozens of different variants, we consulted with our customers. It was a real madness! It was something incredible! And we did it, yeah!

        Theme Color

        As you know, in the Forms, such fields as CheckBox, Radio, Calendar, Slider have blue color as a default color. From time to time we receive questions from our users, how to change the color of the radio buttons or calendar.

          Theme Color - Balbooa Joomla Forms

          So, we decided to add a Theme Color option (Form Options), where you can change the color for all Forms fields, above mentioned. 

          Now your Forms will be more unique, you can set a color of the Forms fields in the color of your brand.

            Google Autocomplete Address Field

            Upon the recommendations of our users, we’re have added a new field “Adress”. Generally speaking, this is a standard text input field, but the field “Adress” has its own very interesting feature. When you typing the Address, you will see prompts. Check out this animation below:

              Google Autocomplete Address Field - Balbooa Joomla Forms

              You can try the "Address" field on our Demo: Form components ➝ Advanced Fields. Easy and very handily!

                Personalize Your Emails

                There are a huge number of blog posts on the Internet written about the needful to personalize the emails.

                We have recently received a request for adding this option, we decided why not if this really will be very useful for our users.

                  Email Personalization - Balbooa Joomla Forms

                  So, you can personalize "Auto-Reply" email messages by adding your customer name or other info that was submitted on the form.

                    Mailchimp Integration

                    We are very pleased to present this addition for Forms. MailChimp is one of the most popular email marketing services for the day.

                      The meaning of the integration is next – all data from Forms are automatically sent to your account on Mailchimp.

                        Mailchimp Integration - Balbooa Joomla Forms

                        Of course, you have to synchronize your Form with your MailChimp account. More detailed information about the synchronization process in the documentation: Mailchimp integration.

                          Payments Forms Improvements

                          With the payment fields, the component Forms allows you to create easily different order forms. In a new version, we have made a number of changes that will let you create more flexible order forms for your projects. Let's look more detailed at what we have done.

                          New Payment Processors

                          In the new version of component Forms, we have added three methods of payments Stripe, Mollie and Custom. Finally, the next payments methods are available for you:

                          • Paypal
                          • 2checkout
                          • Skrill
                          • WebMoney
                          • PayU
                          • Stripe
                          • Mollie
                          • Custom

                          Multiple Payments

                          If you have filled in the Form settings the information for several Payment Methods, your form will automatically display a dropdown list with available payment methods.

                          Multiple Payment Methods - Balbooa Joomla Forms

                          Calculation for Text Input

                          You can use the standard text input to create order forms. The meaning of this option is that the user can type a value by himself.

                          Calculation for Text Input - Balbooa Joomla Forms

                          As the most simple example, this option can be used for creating a "Donation" form, where the user can type a value, which he wants to donate.

                          Currency Symbol Position

                          With this feature, you can display the currency symbol before or after the value.


                          Like the Gallery component, Forms have received Language Uploader with help of which you can install your language. We want to say Thanks to all our users, who have helped us with the translation.

                          Next languages are available:

                          • English (Default)
                          • Catalan (ca-ES)
                          • Croatian (hr-HR)
                          • Danish (da-DK)
                          • Dutch (nl-NL)
                          • Finnish (fi-FI)
                          • French (fr-FR)
                          • German (de-DE)
                          • Norwegian (nb-NO)
                          • Persian (fa-IR)
                          • Polish (pl-PL)
                          • Portuguese (pt-BR)
                          • Romanian (ro-RO)
                          • Russian (ru-RU)
                          • Spanish (es-ES)


                          This update is really great. We added a huge amount of functionality and the component Forms has become more powerful and flexible. We want to say thank you to all our users who are participating actively in our company life! As you can see we really appreciate your suggestions! Let's Build Together.

                          What's Next?

                          We have already started with our flagman Gridbox and very soon we will be ready to present you with new plugins and new features. Have a nice day and good luck with your projects! And don't forget to leave your comments on the form below! 


                          1.6.0 — 07.06.2016

                          • Conditional logic fields
                          • Theme color options
                          • Address field
                          • Email personalization
                          • Mailchimp integration
                          • Currency symbol position
                          • Multiple payment methods
                          • New payment methods - Stripe, Mollie, and Custom
                          • Calculation for Text Input
                          • Ability to set a default value for fields: CheckBox, Radio, Dropdown, Select Multiple
                          • 14 Languages
                          • Email Builder

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