Joomla Forms Builder 1.5 Released

Joomla Forms 1.5.0 Released

Today we're glad to present you a new version of Balbooa Joomla Forms. So, let's look at what's new you will get after updating.

    Joomla Forms Builder 1.5 Released

    The Column Width

    As you know, the component Forms allows creating multiple column layouts. In version 1.5 we have added a possibility to change the width of columns!

    In previous versions, the width of columns was established. For example, two columns layout consisted of two columns, the width of each was 50%. Now, you can easily change the column width.

      Resize Columns - Joomla Forms

      Import / Export

      Now, you have the possibility to move Forms between sites. It's incredibly useful and comfortable, especially if you have a long multi-page forms.

      To export the forms you need to select them in the list and click on the button "Export". You can export several Forms at once!

        Export Joomla Forms

        In order to import forms, you need to click on the button "Import" and download a previously exported file.


          Starting with version 1.3, you can create online order Forms. Joomla Forms allows you to create quick and easy order Forms with calculation fields and payment gateway. 

          In version 1.5 you have an opportunity to display the Cart as in each Online Store. The Cart can display the Name of items, Price, Quantity and Total.

            Cart - Joomla Forms

            To display a Cart, in Forms options ➝ Payment you need to select "Display Cart".

              Calendar Tool

              The calendar field can be made as a required field. The Forms will not be sent until the user will select a date.

                Material Design Calendar - Balbooa Joomla Forms

                The most important that we have improved the design of the calendar. Your users will be surprised to see a new modern design of calendar on your website in selecting the date.

                  Improved UI

                  In version 1.3, we have changed the manner of adding values into fields:

                  • Checkbox
                  • Radio
                  • Select Multiply
                  • Dropdown

                  As a result, our users have faced a problem. Let suppose that you need to add 50 values for the Dropdown field. Before, you should add each value apart, clicking on the icon “+” and enter a value.

                    Add New Values - Balbooa Joomla Forms

                    In the new version of the Forms, we have simplified the manner of adding values. You need to click on the icon "+", the modal window will open, there you can add a list even with 100 values.

                      Update Notification

                      We decided to make an Update Notification, which will announce about new version release with an offer to upgrade.

                        Update Notification - Balbooa Joomla Forms

                        Why have you updated a component? We're always working on new options, correcting the bugs, and if you want to have the perfect product… and sure you want it, so just click on the Update button.


                          We're assured that you will worthily appreciate this update. If you have any suggestions or notices don't be shy to write us. We're always pleased to know your opinion. Well, and we are staying to work on new updates, new options. Stay with us!


                            1.5.0 — 19.04.2016

                            • Ability to change columns width 
                            • Import / Export
                            • Cart
                            • Calendar
                            • UI
                            • Columns order

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