Joomla Forms 1.6.2 Telegram Integration, Image Picker and More...

Telegram Integration and More

Today we want to present a new version of Joomla Forms. Let's see what's new we have prepared for you this time.

    Joomla Forms 1.6.2 Telegram Integration, Image Picker and More

    Telegram Integration

    Telegram is one of the most successful and quickly upcoming messengers. A new version of the component Forms allows you to integrate the form submission into Telegram.

      Integrate Balbooa Joomla Forms with Telegram

      What does it mean?! Sending a form from your website, the administrator of the website receives instant messages in Telegram! It works perfectly, very fast. Messages get in a moment.

        Image Picker

        Image Picker field will allow you to put up your forms to a new level. Now you can present your Checkboxes and radio buttons in a new format – Image Picker.

          Image Picker in Balbooa Joomla Forms

          You can upload pictures for Radio Inline and Checkbox Inline tools.

            Image Picker - Balbooa Joomla Forms

            Also, we want to notice that you have to prepare your images before assigning them to Checkboxes or radio buttons. Make sure that all images have the same width and height.

              Email Confirmation Field

              A very simple but incredibly useful feature for email field verification. This option is specially created for the Email field. Activating this option you will get one more Email field.

              To send a form, the user should enter an email twice. If email addresses don't coincide, the form will not be sent. 

              You can't even imagine how many emails with the wrong email addresses we receive from our users, that's why sometimes we can't answer your questions.

              Therefore, if you are facing a problem with the wrong email addresses, we insistently recommend you to use the Email Confirmation option. 

                Terms and Conditions Field

                On our support forum, our users asked us very often "How to add Terms and Conditions? field ". It could be realized by some procedures.

                  Terms and Conditions Field - Balbooa Joomla Forms

                  But we have decided why doesn't make it like another type of field, that will much simplify our users' lives.

                    Adding Terms and Conditions Field - Balbooa Joomla Forms

                    Voila… The new version of the Form includes a field Terms and Conditions. Classic Checkbox with a text, which you can fill with a link to the article with your terms and conditions.


                      We don't sit on one’s hands! Despite the fact that last week we have released an incredibly great update for our component Joomla Gallery, today we have presented you a new update for our component Forms. We don't stop, and are continuing to work hard, because we want to create really cool and easy-to-use extensions for Joomla CMS!


                        1.6.2 — 19.10.2016

                        • Telegram integration
                        • Image picker
                        • Email confirmation field
                        • Terms and conditions field
                        • New payment system PayUbiz
                        • Class Suffix for each field
                        • Fields "Total" and "Cart" are displayed on each page of the multi-page form
                        • Issues with Google reCAPTCHA

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