Forms 1.4.0 with Fully Featured Drag and Drop Email Builder is Ready!

Forms Email Builder Released

Dear friends, today we are ready to present you an incredible update to our Joomla component Forms. Now the Balbooa Joomla Forms is not only Forms builder, the version 1.4.0 includes a complete Email builder!

    Joomla Forms with Fully Featured Drag and Drop Email Builder

    As you know, in the component Forms, the form submissions showed up like a list and it can't be done any changes.

    At one point, if you have used the component Forms to create small contact forms on your Joomla sites, generally there wasn't any difficulties. But if you have used the component Forms to create a large multipage forms, at this moment was a problem. The user received on his email the biggest list of fields in which it was difficult to take in.

    We have planned to make Email Builder in the forms long before. But we couldn't get a solution how to create emails easier, and make all the process of creating very simple and comprehensible. The solution was very simple and was always with us!

    Ladies and Gentlemen, today we are proudly ready to present you Forms Email Builder.

      Creating an Email

      The idea of creating an email identical to the process of creating the forms. Firstly you have to create a layout of the email and then place the fields of Forms in using Drag and Drop.

        Forms Email Builder - Joomla Forms

        The Content Editor tool is available to you, and you can add a title or just a text. Also with the plugin Content Editor, you can easily place a picture in your email.

          Email Design Options

          In order to give the matchless look for your letters, we have added some options for Rows and Email Body.

            Forms Email Builder - Joomla Forms

            Email Body Options

            • Background Color
            • Border Color
            • Body Width in %

            Row Options

            • Background Color
            • Font Color
            • Border Color
            • Margin

            Watch the video below, and in 1 minute you will make acquainted with Email Builder and understand how to create an email.

              More detailed information about all available options presented in the documentation

                Responsive Email Builder - Joomla Forms

                Access Control List

                Another very useful feature of Joomla Forms 1.4.0 is ACL (Access Control List). ACL allows providing certain functionality to chosen Joomla user groups.

                To set ACL options, you need to visit the Forms administrative panel, at the right top corner click on the button "Options".


                  Email Builder was one of the most awaited updates and we are incredibly proud of our work. Forms Email Builder is very simple, easy and most important that everyone can create beautiful emails.

                  We are sure that you will worthily appreciate all available features in the Forms 1.4.0.

                  As it always has been, we will be very glad to read your comments. If you have any propositions or ideas to make component Forms better, please don't be shy and… Let's create together.


                    1.4.0 — 16.03.2016

                    • Email Builder
                    • Access Control List (ACL)

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