Forms 1.3.0 Launched! Summary Fields and Payment Gateways

Forms 1.3.0 launched! Summary Fields and Payment Gateways

Dear friends, today we have prepared for you an incredible update. Forms 1.3.0 is here! You will be agreeably surprised!

Summary Fields

The most interesting feature of the new version of component Forms is the option "Summary Fields".

That you can understand the possibilities of the new version and why you should to use the option Summary Fields, we have prepared for you a demo.

Joomla Forms Summary Fields

View Demo - Summary Fields

Well, how about it, do you liked?! Summary Fields open the incredible possibilities for you.

In order for activate the option Summary Fields, you need to open a modal window with Forms options, click a "Payment" tab and select "Display Total".

Summary Fields available for the next tools:

  • CheckBox;
  • CheckBox Inline;
  • Radio;
  • Radio Inline;
  • Dropdown;
  • Select Multiple.

We have also completely changed the manner of adding, deleting and editing the values. This idea was taken from plugins of the Gridbox component.

Pay attention, values you can arrange by using Drag and Drop.

Payment Gateways

Yeah, we did it! We have added a payment gateways, that's also a substantial progress in the development of component Forms.

Firstly, we wanted to add only a PayPal and then gradually add other payment systems. But at one point we arrived at a conclusion, that it's necessary at once add more payment systems and give you more possibilities. So, Ladies and Gentlemen - 5 payment systems:

  • Paypal;
  • 2checkout;
  • Skrill;
  • WebMoney;
  • PayU.

At first, we want to notice that if you connect the payment system to the Forms, in pressing the icon "Submit" your users will be automatically redirected to the site of payment system, where they will need to accomplish their purchase.

Attention! All payments realize at the site of payment system, component Forms only collects and sends data.

Color Pickers

On our forum we often received the questions about how to make Forms with transparent background?. So, in a new version of component Forms we have completely reworked the color pickers.

Now you have a possibility to assign not only the background color, fonts, etc but also you can assign the transparency.

Nice example of Form with transparent background and transparent fields:

View Demo - Form with Transparent Background

Мodal Dialogs

In the new version of component Forms, we are very seriously come down to the point of modal windows and made grave changes in their structure and appearance.

Open modal windows with Forms by clicking on the link.

Foremost, we want to notice that we have added the facility to open modal windows by clicking on the link. To activate the link, you have to select the type of icons link in the options Popup Forms.

View Demo - Open popup by clicking on the link!

The link you can place wherever on your site, even in the text of any other blog post.

The new structure of the modal window.

In previous versions of component Forms, the modal window has a value of the full height, and then the scroll appeared. In this version we removed the scroll, added several changes in the CSS and now the modal window with long form looks incredibly cool.

We have also added animations to opening and closing of the modal window.

Message about a state of sending the form.

As previously noted, we are very seriously come down to the point of modal windows and the modal window with the message about a state of sending the form is not exception.

Briefly - it's handsomely and modern. We have added animations, replaced the loader icon and now the window looks very gracefully.

Of course, for all modal windows, we have added the icon Close in the Google Material Design style.

Upload icons for Fields

One further peculiarity of the new version of component Forms is a possibility to add icons for the fields. You can add icons for the next fields:

  • Email;
  • Text Area;
  • Text Input;
  • Drop Down.

An incredible amount of the icons from the Google Material Icons library is available for you, more than 700 different icons. We made the window of icon selection the same as in Icons plugin of the Gridbox component. Looks very cool! It's very easy and simple!

You can change icons color and size. The options for the icons we placed in the "Form Options" tab.

Checkboxes and Radio Buttons

To the end that your forms have specific and first class design, we have changed the design for Checkboxes, Radio Buttons and Slider.

Joomla Forms Checkboxes and Radio Buttons

Thanks to advanced CSS features, it works well with all modern browsers and even with Internet Explorer 9!

How to Update?

To update your current Forms version, please follow this tutorial: How to update Joomla Forms

Clear Cache!

After an update, clear your browser and website cache!


  • Added: Payment gateways - Paypal, 2checkout, Skrill, WebMoney, PayU;
  • Added: Calculation Fields;
  • Added: New tool "Image";
  • Added: New Option "Send User's IP address";
  • Added: Icons for fields Email, Text Area, Text Input, Drop Down;
  • Added: Icons for "Content Editor" tool;
  • Added: New Color Pickers;
  • Added: Open modal by clicking on the link;
  • Added: Modal Close Button;
  • Added: Animations for Modals;
  • Improved: Modals structure;
  • Improved: Design for tools Checkboxes, Radio Buttons and Slider.


As always, we will glad to know your opinion about the Forms 1.3.0. Write your reviews in the comments below. If you have any propositions that'll help make the Forms better – you're welcome! We’re always open to new ideas!