Create polls on your Joomla site with Balbooa Forms Builder 2.0.5

Creating Polls with Forms

It's time to introduce Balbooa Joomla Forms Builder 2.0.5. The new version of Forms comes with a new field Pools, improvements for conditional logic, compatibility with Joomla! 4, and bug fixes. So buckle up, ladies and gentlemen, and let's see what we have prepared for you!

    Create polls on your Joomla site with Balbooa Forms Builder 2.0.5

    Polls with Forms Builder

    Today we are introducing a new field that will expand Form functionality and allow you to create online polls on your Joomla sites. Say hello to the brand new field "Polls". Interact with your audience using polls.

    Create Polls in Minutes

    As always, we try to provide the easiest and most user-friendly solutions. Creating polls in the Balbooa Forms is no exception. Drag the field “polls” to the form editor, type the question and available answers.

      Create Interaction with Images

      Provide a more interactive voting experience. Use images to interact with your audience. One look is worth a thousand words.

        Create interactive Joomla polls with images - Balbooa Joomla Forms Builder

        Flexible Settings

        In the settings, you will find more flexibility and control over created polls.

        • Single or multiple choice
        • Multiple votes from the one IP address
        • Set auto end date for a poll

        Display Polls Anywhere

        Thanks to the Forms shortcode system, you can easily add polls anywhere on your Joomla site - inside Joomla articles, modules, or 3rd-party extensions.

        Display polls anywhere on Joomla site - Balbooa Joomla Forms Builder

        Polls field in the Balbooa Forms gonna be a great tool for building fully-featured polls. Polls include everything you need to interact with your audience.

          Using Text and Images in Conditional logic

          Here is another improvement. Simple but very frequently asked feature - ability to use text and image fields in the conditional logic. Pay attention, that the fields "Text" and "Image" now come with an additional input "Admin label". Using this input you can add a unique label to your field for a better experience in the conditional logic builder.

            Using Text and Image fields in Conditional logic - Balbooa Joomla Forms Builder

            Compatibility with Joomla 4

            Balbooa Joomla Forms 2.0.5. is compatible with the latest available version Joomla 4 Beta 7. Note, that we can’t provide a guarantee that Balbooa Forms will be compatible with any future Joomla version cause the development process of Joomla 4 continues. Our team will back to compatibility our extensions with Joomla 4 when Joomla RC (release candidate) will be available for download.

            We continue working on improvements. If you have any questions or ideas regarding this update, write them in the comments below, we will be happy to discuss them!


              2.0.5 — 18.03.2021

              • New field "Poll"
              • Ability to use "Text" and "Image" fields in the conditional logic
              • Ability to disable required for the field "Acceptance"
              • Ability to select Today in the Forms calendar
              • Additional options for Robokassa integration
              • Mollie payment gateway integration
              • Stripe payment gateway integration
              • Zoho CRM integration
              • Yandex Kassa migrated to YooKassa
              • Issue with Google Invisible reCaptcha
              • Issue with field "Calculation"
              • Issue with "Move to" in conditional logic fields
              • Min. characters for field "Input"
              • Export submissions to xml file
              • Issue with Google Sheets and non UTF-8 characters
              • Small CSS conflicts and issues

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