Introducing Balbooa Joomla Forms 2.x Beta. Try New Forms Now

Introducing Balbooa Joomla Forms 2.x Beta. Try New Forms Now

Our first blog post in 2020 starts with awesome news. We are thrilled to announce that a Beta of Balbooa Joomla Forms Builder 2.x is available now! The Beta Testing is Open. This means that absolutely anyone can take part in Beta Testing. Be first and try new experience with Balbooa Joomla Forms Builder 2.x.

The Beta version includes all features which will be available in Forms 2.0 stable. The main goal of this release is to provide Balbooa Community the opportunity to try Balbooa Joomla Forms 2.x before the official release. About the main features and settings, we wrote in a previous blog post - Sneak Peek at Balbooa Joomla Forms 2.x.

Before you download the Beta version and start playing with Forms 2.x, please note:

Don't Install Beta on Ready-made Sites.

We could write a lot of text about the work done and the improvements made. But it's better to try once than look at the animated screens. Download Beta and try the Brand New Form Builder.

Installing Pro Functionality

Pro functionality in Forms 2.x Beta can be installed with an active Forms 1.x. subscription, using your username and password.

License Activation - Balbooa Joomla Forms Builder 2

Forms 2.x Beta Testing

Let's make Forms 2.x stronger and stable as it is possible together. If you’ll find any issues or bugs in the Forms 2.x Beta, don’t forget to report the problem on our support forum in the related topic. Join our commitment to excellence.

Report an Issue

Languages and Translations

Join Forms 2 project on the Transifex and make your contribution by translating Balbooa Forms to your native language. Your help is much appreciated!

Translate Forms 2.x

What's Next?

In fact, we are in the final stages of releasing a stable version of the Balbooa Joomla Forms 2.0. We will continue testing, bug fixing, and writing documentation. Just a little bit left to the official release!

When? Mid-February, we plan to release a stable Forms 2.0. Be patient, the Brand New Forms Builder for Joomla CMS is almost here! Feel free to post any questions in the comments form below, we will be happy to provide you answers. Let’s Rock!