Balbooa Forms 2.0.3 With New Payment Gateways and Bug Fixes

More Payment Gateways

Thanks to the coordinated work and your feedback, with each new update, the Balbooa Joomla Forms 2 becomes even more powerful and stable. This week we present you the new version of Balbooa Joomla Forms Builder 2.0.3 that includes three new payment gateways and the fix of all known bugs.

    Balbooa Forms 2.0.3 with new payment gateways and bug fixes

    Accept Online Payments Easy

    The Balbooa Joomla Forms Builder allows you to build excellent order forms and collect orders and payments using payment gateways. Balbooa Forms already has 9 integrations with different payment systems. But we don't forget that Balbooa Community is international, so we added three new payment systems.

      PayU Latam

      PayU Latam is a payment gateway that allows online businesses to accept and process payments. PayU Latam is widely used in Latin America.

        PayU Latam Payment Gateway - Balbooa Joomla Forms Builder


        We have good news for our customers from Russia. We have added the online payment system - Yandex.Kassa (Yandex.Checkout). So integrate Yandex.Kassa in your Balbooa Joomla Forms and start process transactions.

          Yandex.Kassa Payment Gateway - Balbooa Joomla Forms Builder


          Redsys is the most used payment gateway service that compatible with most Spanish banks. Add the new payment gateway to your Joomla form and let your customers pay with debit and credit cards through Redsys.

            Redsys Payment Gateway - Balbooa Joomla Forms Builder

            On the Way to Perfection

            We provide our customers only the best: powerful extensions, awesome features, and excellent technical support. That is why with each new update, Forms Builder is getting better and better but no limits to improvements in the quality of Balbooa Extensions. Some bugs from the changelist were identified thanks to your messages. Therefore, we once again want to thank you for your feedback.


              Order forms with payment gateways can be the most important element of revenue for your online business. Create order forms with different payment systems or even with a few at once using Conditional Logic. Now you have 12 integrations with payment gateways. Update and Enjoy!

              P.S. What payment gateway integration do you want to add to the Balbooa Forms? We will be glad to see what you think about this in the comments below.


                2.0.3 — 29.04.2020

                • PayU Latam Integration
                • Redsys Integration
                • Yandex.Checkout Integration
                • Buttons for switching by year in the Calendar field
                • Language: Hungarian (hu-HU)
                • Execution PHP scripts in the Submit button
                • Email validation
                • reCAPTCHA in the Lightbox Form
                • Sending files to Telegram
                • Integration of the Phone field in Google Sheets
                • Bulk Adding
                • Payment gateway error of Robokassa
                • Displaying date in the Calendar field
                • Calculation with the field Cart in Formula
                • Text Input with Validation Numbers and Max Characters
                • Pagination in Media Manager

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