Forms 1.6.3 Released! Save & Continue, Personalized Subject Lines...

Save and Continue Later

We have prepared a new update of component Forms. Balbooa Joomla Forms 1.6.3 includes a lot of new and interesting options: Personalized Subject Lines, Save and Continue Later, Character Limit for Inputs, CCAvenue Payment Gateway. Let's examine each of the options in detail, here we go!

    Balbooa Joomla Forms 1.6.3

    Save and Continue Later

    The greatest achievement of Forms version 1.6.3 is the option "Save and Continue Later". Option "Save and Continue Later" will be very helpful if you create a huge form with a lot of fields and pages.

    "Save and Continue Later" allows the user to save the progress of fields filling and continue later at any one time using another computer or mobile device.

      How it works?! At the bottom of each multi-page form is displayed the link "Save and Continue Later", when you click on it the modal window appears.

      Inside of the modal window has located the link to a form with a unique ID. The user should keep the link or he can send a link to his email, for that he has to enter his email address and click on the button Submit. 

        Save and Continue Later - Balbooa Joomla Forms Builder

        Bring to notice that the option "Save and Continue Later" is available only for multi-page forms. Data of filled fields are stored for 30 days! After the expiration of this time, the link will not be active.

        More details about the option "Save and Continue Later" settings you can read in the documentation: Save and Continue Later - Balbooa Joomla Forms Documentation.

          Personalize Email Subject

          Personalization of email subjects is a very important element of effective email marketing. Statistically, emails with personalized subjects are opened more often on 29.3%. 

          Now with Balbooa Joomla Forms, you have the possibility to not only personalize the email text, but also the email subject. 

          How to personalize the email subject?! It's very easy! Under the field Email Subject, we have added the link "Add Form Fields To Email Subject", when you click this link a modal window is opening with a fields list of created forms.

            Personalize Email Subject - Balbooa Joomla Forms Builder

            If we talk directly about the personalization of the email subject, in the first instance you have to add the field “Name” in the email subject. But how we have noticed before, in the email subject you can add absolutely any field of your form. 

            Option " +Add Form Fields To Email Subject" is available not only for Admin Notification emails but for Auto Reply (emails are sent to form submitter).

            Personalize your emails, make them exceptional and conversion increase is guaranteed to you!

              Character Limit for Inputs

              For Text Input and Text Area fields we have added a new option - Max Length. With the Max Length option you can set the maximum number of characters that can be entered by the user.

                Character Limit for Inputs - Balbooa Joomla Forms Builder

                For convenience, at the front under the field, we display the counter, on which the user can see the allowed number of characters, and the number of characters already added.


                  1.6.3 — 06.12.2016

                  • Personalize Email Subject
                  • Save and Continue Later
                  • Character Limit for Inputs
                  • Ability to create HTML overrides of Forms fields
                  • CCAvenue Payment Gateway
                  • Scroll up on multi-page forms
                  • Field "Terms and Conditions" removed from notification emails
                  • Removed HTML tags "br" from inputs
                  • Spacing between fields in different rows

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