Balbooa Forms Builder 2.0.1 New Integrations and Bug Fixes

Integrations and Bug Fixes

Just recently, we released Balbooa Joomla Forms Builder 2.0 and radically changed the way of creating Joomla forms. And today we are pleased to present the new update. The Balbooa Forms 2.0.1 comes with new integrations to help you achieve your business goals, and we have fixed all known issues and bugs.

    Balbooa Joomla Forms Builder 2.0.1 new integrations and bug fixes

    Bulk Adding

    To Forms 2.0.1, we have migrated "Bulk Adding" from Forms 1.x. The feature allows you to add a large number of values at the same time.

    Imagine that you need to add a list of countries to the dropdown field. Adding each country one by one is possible, but not comfy. Bulk Adding feature greatly simplifies your life, all you need is to copy a list of values and paste.

      Bulk adding - Balbooa Forms Builder 2.0.1

      The feature is available for Checkbox, Radio, Dropdown, and Select Multiple fields.

        ActiveCampaign Email Marketing

        Balbooa Forms allows you to create different types of Opt-In Forms with integration to 3rd-party email marketing tools. Today, we are expanding the list of supported services and happy to introduce a new integration with ActiveCampaign.

          ActiveCampaign email marketing - Balbooa Forms Builder 2.0.1

          Balbooa Forms includes integrations to 5 different email marketing tools. Grow up your email subscribers list by building effective Opt-In forms with Balbooa Joomla Forms Builder.

            Mollie Payment Processor

            Say hello to the most requested payment gateway for the last 2 weeks - Mollie. Yes, in Balbooa Forms 2.0.1 Mollie is available.

              Mollie payment gateway - Balbooa Forms Builder 2.0.1

              Do you plan to build an online order form? No problem! In addition to shopping cart functionality and custom calculations, now Forms 2 includes 9 Payment Gateways. Enjoy!

                Stronger and More Stable

                Thanks to your active informing us about issues and bugs, Balbooa Forms Builder 2.0.1 includes more than 20 bug fixes. List of all changes and fixes you can find in the changelist below.

                Update and enjoy Balbooa Joomla Forms. How to Update Balbooa Forms?


                  2.0.1 — 3.03.2020

                  • Bulk Adding feature
                  • Mollie Integration
                  • ActiveCampaign Integration
                  • Data Tags in the Email Body
                  • Stripe Payment Gateway
                  • Save Progress
                  • Cart Total
                  • Issue with edit button in the Forms list
                  • Issue with Email view of submitted data
                  • Submission viewing in the admin panel
                  • Issue with File Upload field
                  • Issue with Font Picker
                  • Google Sheets integration
                  • Zoho CRM integration
                  • Auto-scrolling in Multi-Page forms
                  • Issues with InputMask
                  • Font-family overriding in the Headline and Submit button
                  • Issue with Conditional Logic and the field Headline
                  • Conflicts with Autocomplete Address field
                  • Pagination in the admin panel
                  • Issues with Calendar
                  • Conflict with InputMask and 3rd-party templates
                  • JavaScript conflicts with 3rd-party templates
                  • CSS conflicts with 3rd-party extensions
                  • Rounding in the field Calculation

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