Balbooa Forms 2.2. Management Improvements and More

Balbooa Forms 2.2

We, as always, continue to improve and simplify the process of creating and managing Balbooa Joomla Forms. In this blog post, we'll show you some cool new ways that will make working with forms even more efficient and convenient. Since the launch of our Forms Builder, we have focused on making it easy and intuitive to use. And today, we are proud to present excellent features that will make your projects even better. Let's move from words to deeds and see what exactly awaits you!

Balbooa Forms 2.2. Management Improvements and More

Managing Forms with Right Click

Joomla website builder Gridbox has long had right click and context menu in its arsenal. It's time to add one of the most convenient features to the Forms Builder.

Right click is a small but powerful enhancement that will make your experience with the Forms Builder even more productive. With a right click, you can get quick access to basic operations without looking for buttons on the toolbar.

Copying Styles

We are pleased to announce that our Forms Builder has a feature that allows you to copy the style of one form and paste it into another. This enhancement will streamline your workflow and allow you to quickly apply a single design to other forms without any extra effort.

Let's see how it works. Using the right click, copy the styles of the form. Then, through the context menu, paste the styles from the clipboard into the form you need. Voila, with a light right-click, you have applied the selected styles. Keeping to a uniform design of forms just got a whole lot easier.


You no longer need to open the editor to rename forms. Do this quickly using the right click.

Submissions Processing Improvements

We all know the importance of efficiently processing data received through forms. With our new features, you can quickly organize and filter your submissions. This will make it easier to work with data and help you focus on the most important queries.

Marking Submissions as Read or Unread

Efficiently manage received submissions to gain control over completed and unread requests.

Mark submissions as read

When you view a list of submissions, you can mark all items as read.

Mark submissions as unread

If you have submissions that you want to return to "unread" status after they've been processed, now you can do it with just one click.

Well, now you can actively monitor the current status of submissions and control which ones require your attention. This is a great addition that will help you manage data in a more organized way and process requests faster.

Filtering Submissions by Form

Want to quickly filter your submissions by one of the forms? It's a piece of cake now. To do this, just select the form you need from the drop-down list in the right corner, as shown in the screen below.

Right Click Control in Submissions

Right click is a great idea to simplify the management process. So why not use it in submissions too?! Now, to manage submissions, it is enough to use the right click and you can:

  • Mark as read
  • Mark as unread
  • Export
  • Save as PDF
  • Print
  • Delete

Form Editor Upgrade

We've taken care of every aspect of Balbooa Forms Builder improvements. Today's improvements are not limited to form management. You will also have an upgrade in form editing. So let's smoothly move from the admin panel to the form editor.

Right Settings Panel

Do you remember that in Gridbox you can change the workspace by choosing the settings panel layout? Well, we have implemented the same method to Balbooa Forms. Opening the field settings, you'll find a new icon in the top right corner. Clicking on it will open a dropdown with two layouts: Separate Window and Panel to Right.

The Separate Window is the layout you are used all this time. Innovations begin after applying the Panel to Right layout. By selecting this layout, the settings panel is nailed to the right side of the form editor. This way of placing item settings allows you to keep all options in view.

The settings sidebar can be resized in width. Pull on the left edge to change options panel width.

Our goal is to provide you with more functionality. Which of the editing methods to choose a traditional or fixed panel is up to you.

Opening Item Settings Effortlessly

When using the Right Settings Panel, you get access to all the element settings in one click. To do this, left-click on the item. This feature is designed to make your editor experience even more efficient and minimize unnecessary mouse clicks. Now you do not need to search and click on the field edit icon every time. Focus on creating amazing forms effortlessly.

Alternative Modal Thank You Message

We want to introduce you to one more innovation today – advanced settings for the Thank you message modal window.

As you know, in the field settings of the Submit button there is an On Click dropdown. So, if you set the Thank you message, a new Type dropdown will appear. Here you will find two variants: Default and Advanced.

Selecting Advanced will open the text editor at the bottom. It will allow you to enter text to display in the message.

We understand how important it is for the thank you message to match the overall design of your website. You can customize the layout and styles of the thank you modal by choosing colors and sizes. Design options are available in the Design tab ➝ Submission Popup.


We're sure that today's management and editing improvements will bring forms to a new, more productive level. Now you can process submissions faster and create an unforgettable experience. Stay connected for new updates and features. Together we create the best Balbooa Joomla Forms experience!


2.2.0 — 02.08.2023

  • Context menu on the forms listing page
  • Copy/paste form styles
  • Rename forms on the forms listing page
  • Context menu on the forms submissions page
  • Mark submissions as Read
  • Mark submissions as Unread
  • Filtering submissions by form
  • New settings panel layout
  • Opening field options by clicking
  • Advanced "Thank you!" message
  • Google ReCAPTCHA server-side validation
  • Issues with Conditional logic
  • Issues related to PHP 8.x
  • Issue with toolbar buttons on forms listing page
  • Issue with Joomla router within the form submission

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