Some Features of Our New Joomla Contact Form Module

Joomla Contact Form Module

Extension is no longer available. We released Joomla Forms

Today we going to give birth to our second free Joomla module. We named it 6contacts and this Joomla contact form will give you access to simplicity in Joomla website creation.

But first, we want to notice the importance of Joomla contact forms on your site. So if you are thinking about whether to set a contact form or not, we will help you. We are thinking that the contact form is one of the most important things because when customers see the place where they can write their suggestions, ask a question or clarify information they start to perceive the site as fully reliable. Reviews are very important when you are selling goods or services or making a business because without reviews you will lose a huge number of analytical data.

6contacts has 3 required fields like name, email, and message, but don’t worry, you can set additional fields like a subject, address, city, state, zip/postal code, home phone, mobile phone, company, and website.

One of our best Joomla Extensions gives you the ability to set the form pre text and set the text below the contact form, so you always can inform your words to customers. Also, you will be able to set the same important things like the rest, an admin email, notice email success, notice email failed. 

Very simple? Yes, it is! This simplicity will allow you to focus on more important things in Joomla website creation. Soon on "6contacts" will be available for download, follow our blog to keep abreast.

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