Joomla Slideshow Module 6slides

Joomla Slideshow 6slides

Extension is no longer available. We released Gridbox

As you have seen we are creating Joomla Extensions for each required direction: map, contact form, gallery, but one more very important module is not present - a slideshow.

All typical Joomla slideshow modules that are now available are not simple, not light, it is very difficult to understand how to add a picture, what size the slideshow will be, how images will be switching... we can continue this list for ages. So we decided to create a superior slideshow module with simple options, simple image adding and simple usability. And we are giving you 6slides.

6slides premium Joomla slideshow module with drag and drop features. Simple and superior drag and drop adding of images allow you very easily create stunning slideshows. Simple choose images from the storage and drag and drop them into a module, also you can add images in an old way with a selector, but drag and drop are for awesome dudes. 

6slides has various layouts: default, thumbnails inside, thumbnails outside and carousel. This 4 layout is suitable for all websites and for all designs, your site will become superior with 6slides.


Our slideshow module is responsive and has touch-swipe navigation. Imagine how it is awesome to swipe photos rather than clicking on arrows to switch photos...don't imagine try it now.

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