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Extension is no longer available. We released Gridbox

Don’t know how to turn visitors into clients? We’ll help you. Of course, you can invest your money into advertising, but what would you do when a potential client comes to your website? How you will push him to make a purchase? 

When the visitor comes to your website you have to do everything you want, but keep him on the website. I think in this situation the best way is to use the message, that will show your superior features and push the visitor to make a purchase, this kind of message called Popup. We have created a superior Joomla Popup module 6Popups and this module will satisfy all your needs. This module is taking the next place in our Joomla Extensions kit for creating your awesome website. 

6popups is a fully customizable Joomla popup module and it has a superior number of features, so take your seats and watch. 

Popup Content

When you get into the admin area the first that you will see is a Popup content tab. There you can customize such options:

  • Heading
  • Main text
  • Button label
  • Button URL

Lightbox Style Options

After customization of the pop-up content, you are moving to the next step Light-box style options. 6popups allows you to set the popup height and width, border and border color, overlay color and opacity. But this is not all, there is a ground for the fact that the product is called the fully customizable Joomla Pop-up module, in 6popups you can set the image background or a video background in a few clicks. And we don't forget about the text:

  • Choose the font family
  • Set the font weight
  • Set the font size
  • Set the text-align
  • Set the padding from the top, left and right

Every action that was mentioned here you can do with heading and main text, and there one more element in this popup - button. 

Button Style Options

The button is the most important part in 6popups and, I think in web design at all, it is call-to-action and it has to be fully customizable. Before starting to customize a button, write a call-to-action text on the button and set:

  • Font family
  • Font weight
  • Font size
  • Font color
  • Font hover color

Then go to button customization. Actions that you can do are amazing:

  • Set the border radius
  • Set the width and height
  • Set button color
  • Set button hover color
  • Set button border color
  • Set top padding
  • Set the align

In this Joomla popup module, you even can customize button shadow and text-shadow. And now we are coming to the most important feature of the 6popups.

Popup Behavior

In this tab, you can change the most important feature of our pop-up module, the feature that is responsible for success or failure. This feature turns 6popups into a superior Joomla pop-up module with a timer. So, there you can see the time, in seconds, after which the pop-up will appears on the screen. One more important thing is not to irritate your visitor, and we have added one more field - Repeat popups, there you can set the number of days after the expiration of what the pop-up will be shown again to the same visitor. 

So it is our new superior product, it is added to previous extensions, with a help of which you can build your own website. Enjoy Balbooa 6popups simple Joomla pop-up module. 

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