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Do you have the blog? We have made the desired Joomla module for bloggers! So what are you waiting for? Let's see how it looks like.

Blog - is a section where people can get recent news of your company. It is very important to have an awesome structured blog to direct your readers into the right articles forget the greatest amount of useful information. How I can create such a blog? - you ask, you exactly have to add category dividing and of course tags... tags are in a good way solving the problem of structuring. But what I have to do more? - you ask again, and we have the answer... add related articles module, and after reading the article your visitor will see what more he can read on this topic and increase the depth of view. There a lot of modules that can solve that issue, but we want to propose to you ours. What the benefit? It is totally free!

6news is a Joomla news module that can increase your blog depth reading. It is the seventh module in the list of our Joomla extensions kit for the whole website building.

The idea of 6news is to show the latest news from your blog and thereby interest the visitors of the website in continuation of reading. This Joomla news module will help you to make your blog the most interesting in the world because you will be able to give your reader exactly what he wants.

However, it is not only for blogs, it will suit every website. If you have an online shop, with a help of our 6news Joomla news module you can show related products, services thereby stimulate additional sales and increase your profit.

Module Options

Our Joomla news module has a various number of custom options. First of all Content source, there you can choose whence the related articles will upload to the module, from standard Joomla articles or K2 blog.

After setting the source of related articles you have to set the number of news that has to be uploaded to the module, from 0 to infinite. Then we have to customize displaying of chosen news, for that purpose we developed some features, such as:

  • Image size
  • Overlay color
  • Overlay transparency
  • Show Images
  • Show Title
  • Show Hits
  • Show Author
  • Show Published date
  • Show category
  • Show description
  • Show Read more

Now we customize the displaying of the related news in our Joomla news module and then we are moving to text customizing, there you will have two features:

  • Limit text description
  • Limit text title


After setting all features, the 6news Joomla news Module is ready for use on your website, just put it in the needed module position and look at how your blog transformed into a useful source of news. It is very important for us to make every website of our client awesome, based on this we are a 6news Joomla-related news module for free!

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