Joomla Image Gallery 6gallery

Joomla Image Gallery 6gallery

Extension is no longer available. We released Joomla Gallery

Everyone was in a situation, like, you have found a perfect Joomla image gallery, downloaded it, then you go admin area... and now the question is appearing: how to add the category? How to add a picture? Where did I put those pictures? Oh.. no.. pictures are loading only one by one! I don't understand in what category was my picture added? ...and so on, and so on, and so on... It is improperly, it is uncomfortably and it is not the way we create our Joomla Extensions. 

So, enough discussions, let's open our secret. We want to give you 6gallery - a simple, fast, and responsive Joomla image gallery. 6gallery has a simple admin area with 3 tabs: categories, images and gallery options.


You have found an image on a computer, and you want to add it to the site, but you face the problem, you have to do the duplicated work and find your picture again, in the admin area of the Joomla image gallery module. It is terrible...and boring. With our Joomla image gallery you no longer need to do this, just drag and drop your stuff and all. Isn't it superior? Isn't it simple? Isn't it perfect? We think it is. 

After adding you will be able to choose the category of the image, write a description, alt, insert a link or even delete the image, in order to do this you need to hover on the image you want to tune and press the left icon to delete or right to tune it.

Gallery Options

After a superior drag and drop adding and tuning, you can go on and customize the Joomla image gallery in Gallery Options. Here you will find a great number of all needed options like:

Images Per Row

Set a number of images per row from one to infinity, and don't worry about size

Thumbnails Width and Height

Set the size of all pictures like you want. The main advantage of this option is - when you set a small number of pictures per row (ex. 2 or 3) you have the ability to set the size so that pictures occupied the whole page, but when you set a big number of the picture (ex. 20, 30) you don't need to set the size, it will be set automatically depending on your page size

Display Category

Set the displaying of the category on the image

Display Icons

Set the displaying of the zoom icon on the image

Icon Background Color

Set the background of the icon, that is displaying on the image when you hover it

Transition Effect

Choose the transition effect fade or emersion

Easing Animation

Set the animation of the picture moving when you are moving from one category to another

Thumbnail Hover Effects

Set a hover effect from 4 available effects

We certainly could add much more features and options, but we care about you, we don't want that option to have absorbed you. Simplicity is a key to your successful site and with Joomla image gallery 6gallery you will get this. We gave it our souls, and we give it to you. 

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