Goodbye Old Modules

"Every new beginning comes from some other beginning’s end"


PRO version of modules 6slides and 6popups will be available until the end of October! Download them from your profiles!
Module’s tech support will be provided without any problems!

Most of you were witnesses how Forms component takes place of 6maps and 6contacts modules. Next the Gallery component replaced 6gallery module.

By now it's time for all the others modules, that you can see on Joomla extensions page. Joomla Extensions page with all modules available until the end of October, then will be removed!!

Why are we doing it?!

As you may have noticed, all the modules didn't receive any updates for a year, because we pay attention to the Forms and Gallery.

We want to focus on our new products: Forms, Gallery and Gridbox. Less components allows us to create really simple, beautiful and incredibly powerful extensions for Joomla CMS.

Balbooa Joomla Extensions

Actually it's nothing to unusual. Everyone know such person as Steve Jobs. Probably you know , after the return of Jobs to the company in 1998, he closed all unprofitable projects and fostered all the company's efforts to creating a Mac.

"Quality is more important than quantity. One home run is much better than two doubles."
Steve Jobs

What will happen next?

Of course, we will develop New plugins and themes for Gridbox.

We don't forget about the Forms and Gallery, which will also receive new updates soon.
P.S. our Gallery will receive very cool update soon!

All our new Joomla Templates will be based on Gridbox, Forms and Gallery. Therefore if you aren't familiar with Gridbox, we recommend that you start to work with Gridbox.
Gridbox is really wonderful and makes life much easier.

If you have some questions or propositions, feel free to write us in comments, we’ll be glad to answer you.

Good luck with your projects and have a nice day!