Become an Official Translator

Become an Official Translator

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Dear friends, we want to make our Joomla Extensions are multilingual and we need your help! You have an amazing opportunity to get the PRO version of our components and become a member of our team.

Why didn't we make translations of components before? Because if you pay attention to the changelog, every week we have an update. Day by day we are working on the new features and sharpening our components to perfect condition. As a result, a lot of new language constants appear, which in fact creates difficulties with translating.

Then we are decided, that we want to create a team of translators, which will consist of our customers who love our extensions. 

Requirements For Translator

We are talking about localization - translation with a cultural twist and a rewrite attribute.

  • You should be familiar with our extension(s).
  • The translation shouldn't be just replacing words from one language to another.
  • The translation should be fluent while preserving all of the meaning present in the original text.

How to Become a Translator?

1. Create an account at

2. Contact us through the Contact us form and specify:

  • your native language
  • your username at
  • extension(s) which you want to translate - Gridbox, Gallery or (and) Forms

3. After that, you will be invited to the Extension translators team. 

About how to translate or request a new language on you can find it here: Localization and Translation

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