Sneak Peek of Balbooa New Google Maps Module 6maps

About New Module 6maps

Extension is no longer available. We released Joomla Forms

We decided to create our own Joomla Google Maps module which will meet all Balbooa requirements - beautiful, easy to customize and thoroughly tested.

We named it 6maps. To make using of our Joomla Google Maps module more comfortable, we have divided module options into two tabs: Map Options and Marker and Infobox Options.

Map Options

The Map Options tab allows users to set specific options for map displaying:

  • Height - height of the map in pixels
  • Width - width of the map in pixels
  • Adress - default map adress
  • Map type - satelite, hybrid, roadmap, terrain
  • Zoom - default map zoom level

But the most interesting option in the tab "Map Options" is the color filter, which allows you to customize the color scheme of the standard Google maps.

Allow drawing Google Maps in a suitable color that will look with your site in one color scheme. It looks very cool and we are sure, you will appreciate this option.

Marker and Infobox Options

On the second tab, you will find a list of options that are intended for work with a marker of the map and infobox:

  • Title - set the marker title
  • Marker - upload a custom marker
  • Infobox - set content to information box with Joomla content editor


6maps will be the first module of the huge number of Balbooa superior Joomla Extensions. We sincerely congratulate you on the upcoming New Year and wish, that in the new 2014 year, you will achieve all your goals without breaking your deadlines, we believe that this is real!

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