6maps is Here, Our New Joomla Google Maps Module

Joomla Google Maps Released 

Extension is no longer available. We released Joomla Forms

Time to say hello to our first Joomla Module. 6maps - simple and light module which can help to add fully responsive Google maps to your awesome Joomla website.

Besides usual features like:

  • Height of the Google map in pixels
  • Width of the Google map in pixels
  • Default address
  • Map type: satellite, hybrid, roadmap, terrain
  • Default zoom level

There is a superior feature, with a help of that your site will look as cool as possible, you can set the color filter, that allows you to customize the color scheme of the standard Google maps.

Google Maps Marker. Superior stuff does not end here. You can do whatever you want with a marker, even upload a custom marker, as cool as ours. Features that have laid into the product allow you to set the marker title and picture, video or any content you want to info-box with a help of the Joomla content editor.

Oh... I have forgotten to say don't worry, our Joomla Google maps module is fully responsive.

So if you want to make, such a small thing, like a map, awesome! you have to download Joomla Google maps module 6maps.

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