6Gallery the Best Joomla Image Gallery from Balbooa

Joomla Gallery Module Updated

Extension is no longer available. We released Joomla Gallery

During this period we have invested precious time and effort in polishing its edges, empowering it with new and unique features and turning it into an easier, yet more powerful than ever to build, customize or use Joomla extension.

Now, we are pleased to announce a fresh edition of 6gallery with an added powerful functionality that is capable of expanding its usage horizons into being the best Joomla Image Gallery as well as a powerful Video Gallery, or a powerful both-in-one media gallery for your optimum use and creative utilization, regardless wither your videos are those you need to upload or share via YouTube or Vimeo. This valuable feature is of outstanding importance as you don’t have to sacrifice valuable hosting storage space of videos already uploaded and published on YouTube or Vimeo.

With 6Gallery, you are free to use the powerful feature of multi-categories. With such a superbly useful feature, you are free to connect your photos, illustrations or videos to an infinite number of categories in a fashion that is similar to tags and tagging, therefore, multi-categorizing your media with preferences of your choice for selective viewing filtration by your clients, with ease and without a single complication.

This up-to-date edition of 6Gallery supports 7 additional languages in addition to the 7 previously supported languages for a total of 14 languages in order for you to feel all those standard and new awesome features of 6Gallery in your own language.

One of the new powerful features of 6Gallery is a feature of our own invention, which we have named FitColumns. FitColoumns is a cool feature with powerful capabilities allowing for the arrangement of your media in elegant columns and totally perceived blocks, regardless of the length of those columns or the size of those blocks.

Please visit www.Balbooa.com to get familiar with 6gallery, this incredibly versatile tool that has been designed to accommodate your wishes and satisfy the needs of every Joomla user, specifically those who are frustrated with the use of rigidly inflexible traditional image galleries.

For those of you who are members of the Balbooa club, we urge you to log in and download this new edition of our best Joomla image gallery, and before updating your current edition of 6gallery.

The announcement of this edition of 6gallery as the utmost best Joomla image gallery proves that we have been listening to your comments and requests in addition to being inspired by your ideas and wishes.



  • Support video from Youtube.com and Vimeo.com
  • Multiple categories feature for image and video galleries
  • New layout FitColumns
  • Languages - Croatian (hr-HR), Estonian (et-EE), German (de-DE), Greek (el-GR), Hungarian (hu-HU), Spanish (es-ES), Swedish (sv-SE)
  • Default background image
  • Disappearance of image data (titles, description, category)

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