6Gallery New Superior Features

We were sitting in our office and thinking what is missing of our Joomla image gallery? What it lacks to become even more superior, more powerful, more light? "6gallery" has a big number of superior features whether it is awesome category changing animation or superior hover effects. But what is more "6gallery" needed??? We think more superior effects.


6gallery module is no longer available for download! We have released Joomla Gallery component

The first is the "Blurring effect". The idea of this effect is more than clear. “Blurring” effect is blurs your images and on this blurred background two icons are appearing. This effect will make your images in 6gallery more awesome, cool and modern.

The second effect is called "Direction Aware". We think it is the superior update for "6gallery". The idea of this effect is that the hover is moving with your cursor and thereby creates the effect of "pursuit"

The first update for "6gallery" joomla module is now released, we think with this update "6gallery" became more awesome and will satisfy all your needs. You can try it on our and if you have questions about how to add this effects in recently installed "6gallery" - say hello to support forum.

New version 1.2.0 is available for download! What are you waiting?! Jump right now to "My Downloads" and get it!