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6gallery Module 3.0 Soon

Extension is no longer available. We released Joomla Gallery

Balbooa team creating product side by side with an idea of simply using and powerful functionality. That's why we attentively take into account your suggestions about lightness usability level and note in detail all your wishes about expanding of 6gallery power. Today you have a special chance to see the main features of the best image gallery. All Balbooa team is happy to introduce you 6gallery n3w that is powerful for developers and beautiful for users.

6Gallery n3w is not just another update - it is a step to the future in Joomla products development. Powerful, yet more simple. Beautiful but remarkably multipurpose. With desired pagination function. More efficient media lightbox. New light-designed admin panel that creates one continuous form where front-end and back-end work in unison and proves that 6gallery is the best web image gallery.

Words are everything. Describe your media

Media is more effective than text. It is much easier to look at information than to read it. But to squeeze the maximum from your website you have to use media and text in the complex. Now you can easily reach this with 6gallery n3w. The HTML field in the lightbox was the most desired wish of you. Now you can describe your media right in a lightbox with a help of text or add any HTML code you want. With this feature, 6gallery becomes a great multipurpose tool for solving various issues and you will have the best image gallery on the web.

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People like photos and videos, the rich media library on the website is a huge plus to you. But what if you face the problem of displaying them? What if you have 1000 photos? Balbooa has taken care that you got the best image gallery on your website. Pagination is a new top-class feature of 6gallery. With this feature, all your media will be ordered in pages, and the number of images that will be located on each page is setting from the admin panel. Very simple and effective.


We shared some light on the n3w version of 6gallery. It has many more superb features that will be available after the official release day.

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